Monday, October 3, 2011

FTM2012 - Outline Descendant Report - Direct Descendant

A Genea-Blogger colleague Heather Wilkinson Rojo posted on her blog:

No Lineage Charts on Family Tree Maker 2012?

Having had the honor of meeting Heather this this spring and later this summer, I finally understand the reason why users of Family Tree Maker Version 16 wanted the Outline Descendent Report (ODR), Direct Descendant to a specific person. Recent work on another project, I looked at SAR Applications, and from what Heather has told me, DAR and Mayflower applications want similar information.

Here is how you can create the ODR Direct Descendant report using FTM2012. There are a number of steps, but it can be done.

I started with the Ancestor who was in the Revolutionary War. John Eager Howard and created the current Outline Descendant Report.


Clearly there are too many siblings in this report. The Descendant of interest is in the 6th generations under 2 - Sophia Catherine Howard

What it will take to create the desired report is to create a new, test or temporary file for this report. Clicking on File, Export will bring up the screen we want.

With the next screen, select Selected Individuals, which will bring up the next screen, where Howard, John Eager is selected AND the Descendants > button is selected.

Notice the Right Hand (RH) Panel is blank in the above screen capture. IF there are individuals in that side of the window, clear them with the << Exclude All button.

Once the Descendants > button is selected, names will appear in the RH panel.

In this case, 58 people are included and will be included in this temporary file. Clicking OK will return to the Export screen.

Keeping the file format to Family Tree Makes is OK, and you have a choice as to what to include. For this example, and the only thing I want this file for is a report, unchecking the boxes was done.

A window for the user to name the file will be the next screen. (not show here). But this action will create a Back Up file for Family Tree Maker, that you can then click on File, Restore, selecting that back up filename, and you will be creating a new file, with those 58 individuals.

To the People Workspace, with John Eager Howard selected, there are a number of Children listed. For this report, we only want Sophia Catherine Howard as a child of John Eager Howard. So, her siblings will have to be deleted or detached.

In this case, we will only Detach the siblings of Sophia Catherine Howard. 

Select George Howard, clicked on People, Selected Attach/Detach Person, and Detach Selected Person (that being George Howard)

A new window will appear asking who do you want to Detach George Howard from. The first "Existing Family" are his parents and siblings. So, that is what is selected. The other "Existing Family" is his wife and children (or in this case, no children)

This process is repeated for all of the Siblings of Sophia Catherine Howard, until only she remains as a child of John Eager Howard.

 The Left pointing arrow, indicates that she does have children.

Going to the Publish Workspace, Relationship Collection, Outline Descendant Report, will generate this Report.

You will notice that there is another sibling that will have to be Detached to make the report the way it is wanted. Selecting Mary Corneilius Read from her parents will resolve her and her descendants.

Detaching her will leave the following report.

For this blog post, there are a number of siblings, in Generation 6 that can also be detached as described above. But this work around will provide the report that was in Version 16.

Copyright © 2011 by H R Worthington

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