Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How to create a Cemetery Listing

This is not FTM2012 specific, but the screens below will be from FTM2012.

I have Burial information in my file. I use the Description Field for the Cemetery Name and the Place field in the format that Family Tree Maker provides. That is City, County, State, Country format.

Go to the Publish Workspace, People Collection Custom Report. For this report I only want names of the individuals that I have a Burial Fact for. Will use the Selected Individuals option in the Right Panel of this Workspace. The Filter Individuals screen will appear, selecting Filter In > will bring up the Filter Individuals by Criteria windows. Selecting All Facts, Search where Burial (the Burial Fact), and Any Data in the two left pull down menus, and Exists, then click OK.

This will put anyone in the Left Panel, who has any data for the Burial Fact, and move those individuals into the Right Panel. That data could be Date, Place, and/or Description in the Burial Fact.

In this example there are 33 people.

The Custom Report will be created, but some sorting options might be used. This example will provide for a Place, then Cemeteries in that Place, sorted by Description (Cemetery Name).

Clicking on the first ICON in the Right Panel, the Items to Include ICON, will bring up the Items to Include screen, Where the Sort by: 1st option is Burial Place, and 2nd option is Description.

This will generate the report as described above.

I want to reuse this report as I add data, so the Save Report ICON will be used. It is the left ICON in the Right Panel.

Changed the Report Title to be Cemetery Report, and saved the report name to be Cemetery Report. This report will be saved into the Saved Report Collection.

NOTE: IF additional Burial Facts are entered, the Filter step above will have to be redone.

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