Tuesday, October 17, 2017

FTM2017 - Back2Basics - Back Up / Sync / Back Up

Back2Basics - an update to my Sync Best Practices. Back Up / Sync / Back Up

After a computer crash, I learned something about the new, FTM2017 Back Up, FamilySync, and Restore features.

I have changed my Best Practices when doing a FamilySync. That is to do a Compact File, including the Back Up feature, both before and after the SyncNow.

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Monday, October 9, 2017

FTM2017 - Merge Duplicate People, Not in the Find Duplicate People Report

As a follow up on the Find Duplicate People Report, this time it is for a Duplicate person that does NOT show up in the Find Duplicate People Report.

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

How to get a FTM2014 file from an Old Computer to FTM2017 on a New Computer

I was asked "How to I get my FTM2014 file from an Old Computer onto my New Computer with FTM2017 installed.

Here is my response:

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Friday, October 6, 2017

FTM2017 - Find Duplicate People feature #1

This will probably become one of several blog posts on the Find Duplicate People feature in Family Tree Maker.

In this first case, I already have a Saved List of Duplicate People that I am working one. I will review the information that I have and make a determination as to my next steps.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Blog Question: FTM2017 vs AMT Citation Information

A blog reader asked:
When you add a source on the Ancestry side of a tree there is a field titled 'other information'. Do you know where or if this information shows up in FTM on the desktop?
I think that the field "other information" has been removed from the Ancestry Member Tree Citation window.

I thought that I would do a blog post showing the Ancestry Member Tree Citation Window and show where the information comes from, within FTM2017.

The window on the Left is from the Ancestry Member Tree (AMT). The window on the Right is from FTM2017, Sources Workspace, the Edit, Source Template window.

The First 4 items in the Template are included in the Source Information screen on the Left. The Comments that I put into the Source Template are included in the Source Information.

I do not believe that the Source Comment that I have in FTM2017 should be included in the Source Information in that AMT.

Secondly, you will note that the AMT calls for a Repository. A record from a Web Site should NOT have a Repository. An Online Record should be cited like a book. You can get that book almost anywhere, so NO REPOSITORY.

I think this is very confusing for those who view the Citation in an AMT. 

For those who do there research in an AMT, will find that Ancestry.com will be listed as a Repository on this screen.

To me, the presentation of the information in the AMT is "up side down". The information about the SOURCE should be at the Top of that window, not at the bottom.

Continuing with the rest of the data in the Citation windows of the AMT vs the Citation in FTM2017.

The Citation Detail in FTM2017 is transferred to the Citation Detail in the AMT, which would be correct. (should be below the Source Information)

The Citation Text in FTM2017 is in the AMT Citation but is labeled "Transcription". That is totally wrong. I have marked that field as do NOT include that information in the Citation / Reference Note, so should NOT be uploaded to the AMT.

Same as the Web Address. That is marked as NOT to be included in the Reference Note so should NOT appear in the AMT Citation screen.

The  lower left of the AMT Citation window has my Citation Notes information. That should NOT be included in the AMT Citation. 

Just trying point out where the information in the AMT Citation is coming from, when the AMT is maintained by FTM2017.

These issues have been raised to both Ancestry.com and Family Tree Maker. 

I hope that FTM2017 will NOT publish to Ancestry, the fields that I have indicated and should be treated like a Privatized information.

I understand that in some cases some information in the Citation Notes might be included in the AMT. Easy solution here, just have a privatized option for that Tab. 

For the Citation Text field and the Web Address Field, No Check Make, don't upload to the AMT.

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Blog Question: Child with multiple Names

This question is from an FTM2017 User:

Naming in FTM2017 for an illegitimate child who was placed for adoption, later adopted and who finally discovered biological parents thru DNA
Because we have the option of having Multiple Name FACTs, I enter the names as I find them, Citing each entry, as I have mentioned many times before.

The decision that has to be made, is WHICH Name Fact should be the Preferred Name Fact. I can't nor will I answer that question. That choice is up to YOU. But, don't make that choice lightly. Be sensitive of the audience of your research.

More importantly, is the Parent to Child Relationships need to be appropriately selected, and the relationship between the Parents needs to be looked at very carefully.

Your citations are very important and that the documentation needs to be specific as to the relationships it claims.

I would keep ALL of the Name Facts as documents, then make the Preferred Fact Choice.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Blog Question: Use of the AKA Fact

A question was left on the Blog about the use of the Also Known As, Fact. Here is my answer:

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FTM2017 - People Workspace

High level Overview of the People Workspace in FTM2017

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

FTM2017 - Media Workspace

High level view of the Media Workspace

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FTM2017 - Sources Workspace - Standarized Rating

Now that we have our Citations crafted, now it's time to Rate our Sources. This will help with the Genealogical Proof Standards.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

FTM2017 - Sources Workspace

A high level view of the Sources Workspace.

This is the first Workspace I go to when entering new information into my file.

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

FTM2017 - Seven Workspaces

Continuing my review of the Workspaces, this time will give a high level view of each of the workspaces. The individual Workspaces will be covered in coming days.

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Friday, September 29, 2017

What is a Workspace ?

This is the first in a series of What Is A Workspace ?

The first one will be an introduction to the Plan Workspace. What you can do from this Workspace.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Question of the Day:

Now that FTM2017 has been release, up, running, and very smoothly for me. I think it's time to think a head a bit. I have my list of enhancements going.

My QUESTION for you is:

Should are genealogy software have features that allow us to be better researchers had have tools to help educate us in our Research process.

FTM2017 is getting there, but show our software help us do better ?

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Web Search Workspace - an observation

While demonstrating FTM2017 at the #FGS2017 conference in Pittsburgh, I was asked a question about the Web Search Workspace. The question led me to answer the question by actually working on that question. It was a different way of searching from what I normally do.

I am sharing that experience as a way to use that Workspace to get the desired results.

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A bug report has been created, IF it is really a bug. At this point, I am not sure. I am demonstrating how I was able to get the desired result.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Observations about the new Ancestry API

An observation about the communications between Ancestry.com and FTM2017.

I have been using the Web Merge feature of Family Tree Maker for years. It has worked very well. The biggest reason is that I don't have to re-type, then proof read the information from the record on Ancestry. As I have blogged about before, this feature puts a link in the Citation, right back to that record. I don't have to go looking for it. 

I further use the Web Merge feature for all websites, using the Web Clipper feature, then Web Merge.

Because I don't have to re-type and proof read what is in the record, I have more time to really look at the record and see what the Record claims, and make sure that is recorded in my FTM2017 file.

I record exactly what the record claims, right, wrong or indifferent, so I have a "messy" database, that is Facts for a person. Then I can Evaluate the information on a specific person's list of Facts and determine which is my current conclusion, or as I call it, "Current Thinking". It's important to know that all records have errors in them, but it's up to me to evaluate what I have.

I was working with a 1900 U.S. Federal Census Record where my grandfather was who I was looking for. I found him, as expected, when and where he should have been. Yes, I knew that from the past, but I wanted to see what the new interface to Ancestry was doing in FTM2017.

As I understand the process, when I follow a Hint, from FTM2017, I am taken to the Web Search Workspace, look at the Hints provided there, and select one of them. In this case, the 1900 US Federal Census for a township in New Jersey. When I select that record, I have the information from my database on the Lower Left field and the information from the Record in the Lower Right field. I then compare them to make sure that the record is for my person.

Elizabeth Willits is the person in my database. She married twice, once to a Worthington, and then a Leeds. I know that and that is why the Record would be for Eliz W Leeds. It's my evaluation of the same person. I will record her name, per the record as Eliz W Leeds, as an Alternate Name and the Web Merge feature will do that for me and it will include a Citation on that Fact.

I won't go into all of the Facts in this record, because it has worked very well in the past. I did the Web Merge and as usual did my normal clean up. That is putting the Source into the appropriate Source Template, then reviewing all of the claims from that record and making sure that the Facts are entered correctly, and cited. I also add to my research log.

In the above screen, I know you may not be able to read it, but below is the lower right corner, or the information from Ancestry.

You may note "Ethnicity: American" in that record. Hmm. That information is NOT a field in the Census Record.

There is NO Ethnicity field on that record. This website has more information about this specific Census Record. http://www.ancestry.com/wiki/index.php?title=1900_U.S._Census.

The Record didn't have that question, why is Ancestry presenting this to us. It has NOT been there in the past, as I have done this many times in the past, for this specific census year. This is not the first "problem" that I saw, but it should have been the first problem that I saw, because there hasn't been an issue here in the past.

In the Abstract for this Census Record, which I look at before I do the merge, that "Fact" is not presented in that abstract.

When I looked at the abstract, I didn't see it coming in the Web Merge. So after the Web Merge, I saw that Fact in my database and went back to the abstract (above) and that fact isn't there. Looking at the image, that information isn't in the Record.

Have you looked at an Ancestry Census record recently, especially the abstract?

I ask that question because of what I found later.

The family, was a Grandmother, her Daughter, two Grandson's, and a Granddaughter in the household. The Grandchildren were siblings from one of her Son's. The Daughter in question, never married, nor did she have any children.

Here is HER abstract.

I was OK, until I god down to the "Mother's Name" for one of the Grandsons. Wow, that's cool, a Census Record providing the Name of the Mother ?? Not in any census record that I have looked at, has the NAME of the mother been on that record. But, that abstract from Ancestry clearly has a name in a field that does NOT exist in the Census Record.

When did you ever see the Mother's name on a Census Record ?

One of the features of the 1900 Census is the number of Children a female had and how many were still living.

Eliz W Leeds had 5 children, 3 still living, which was correct, and Sarah was single, and therefore no information in those two columns. BUT Ancestry has abstracted the children below (three of them) as being Sarah's children.

As it turns out, that is the Daughter of the Head of Household, Sarah, but the mother of the children (grandchildren of the Head of Household) was a Sarah C(K)atherine Reeve Worthington. The problem there is that she had died 6 years earlier. The father had died 3 years earlier, which is why the grandchildren were living with Elizabeth Willits Worthington Leeds in 1900.

One other issue: Users can make "edits" on Ancestry, when they thing the record is wrong. Here is an example, from this SAME 1900 Census Record:

This is what was on the abstract:

The NAME on the Census was Sarah Worthington. Someone assumed is should have been Sarah Leeds, or Iuah Worthington. There was not error on the Census, only the users edit.

I that past, those User Edits were NOT presented in the Web Merge Feature. Look again.

They were presented as "Also Known As" in the Web Merge. I don't want the "user edits" my database. I want what the record claims. I'll do the evaluation. Sarah Worthington is the correct name, in my database as well as the 1900 Census.

This is not the first time that I have seen information in the Web Merge being brought into the database that wasn't in the record, but had not realized the scope of the problem. That is, how much information is being merged that really should not have been merged. Stepping back and doing some analysis is where I determined that Ancestry is putting information into their abstract that is not even in the record.

Some / many will say "that is why I don't use the Web Merge feature". I am sorry, I make to many typo's to want to key in the data. I want EXACTLY what the record claims. I'll do the evaluation. Also, this had not been happening before the new Ancestry API to FTM2017.

I have confirmed that this is not unique to Family Tree Maker.

I have reported this as a Bug to Family Tree Maker, but I think some of this is issues from Ancestry on the new API that has been developed. Other genealogy database management programs may have similar issues. Note, I an NOT talking about Citations. That is a different topic.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

A little Blog house cleaning, a work in progress for a few days

Some major clean up of the Labels going on at the moment to make browsing the Blog Posts for what you might be looking for.

Remember the Blog Subject Lines are sort listing is by the Family Tree Maker Version number followed by the Workspace. 

For the most part, both the PC and the Mac version of FTM2014, FTM2014.1, and FTM2017 work the same. There are a few Mac Version (FTM-3 and FTM2017) mouse clicks that may be different, but I try to hi-lite them in the blog post.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

FTM2017 PC Version - File Clean Up

Observation after installation of FTM2017, where the end user may have done some of the Test Drives offered by Software MacKiev prior to the production release of FTM2017.

Bottom line, I have some file clean up to do.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Color Coding and Multiple Ancestral Lines

In my blog post yesterday there was a comment about multiple "lines" being color coded.


Will demonstrate how Color Coding showed that I have Direct Ancestors of multiple lines or from more than one grandparent's ancestry.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Color Coding and Civil War Soldiers

This is response to a comment made on this blog post 


In my reply to the comment, I said that I would do a blog post on how I would answer the question about the use of color coding for the Civil War Soldiers. My approach is to use the Filter In / Filter Out feature. Before I posted my response, I tested it out and it worked as expected. 

My focus is to Identify ONLY my Direct Line Ancestors who might have a Civil War Record that I may not have found before.

This video will demonstrate out I used the Color Coding and the Filter Feature to answer my question.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

FTM2017 - No Hints from Ancestry

Just purchased or upgrade to FTM2017 and the People Workspace, Tree View has not Hints.

Simple answer, go to the Plan Workspace and Check the Sync Status:

The answer: You must have an Ancestry Member Tree (AMT) to receive Hints. Those AMTs are what provides us with the hints.

Upload and Line to Ancestry is the Answer. Be sure to check the settings of the Ancestry Member Tree as you upload and sync.

  • Public
  • Private
  • Private, not searchable by Ancestry
Are the options.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

FTM2017 - Plan Workspace, Download from Ancestry

One of the new or revised parts of FTM2017 is in the Plan Workspace, in the Download a Tree from Ancestry. Meaning that you already have an Ancestry Member Tree (AMT) and now you want that AMT in FTM2017.

What is on the menu is very different. For privacy reasons I am only showing the first AMT that I can download, but this list is long, for me.

The key is the information that is provided on the right side of the screen

There is a Sort by: (will show in a minute) the Filename information about the AMT, the number of people in that tree and the number of Media files. In the list that you can see, there are two tree names that are look the same, but they are different. You select one and you see the statistics on that AMT.

You can Sort them by Name, Date Modified, Date Created and Status.

At the bottom right of the earlier image gives you some more options. You can Delete the AMT, View the AMT or Download the Tree.

Under the Sort by is another setting, Ascending or Descending order.

With the Check Mark in that box, the list below will be in Ascending Order, in the example above, I wanted it in the Descending order or Most Recent On top.

I will be cleaning of my test AMTs and the old ones as I move my old AMTs into FTM2017.

This makes is so much easier, for me, at least.
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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Color Coding - End of Line

For a long time, I have wanted to look at the Index of Names and be able to Identify the End of Line Ancestor. That is, the farthest back in one of my grandparents line. Color Coding has done if for me.

I have selected the Home person, the Color Coding ICON and selected 4 colors

So each of my grandparents has a different color;

  • Paternal Grandfather = Blue
  • Paternal Grandmother = Red
  • Maternal Grandfather = Yellow
  • Maternal Grandmother = Green
Since all of my direct lines are marked with a color, I can come down the index of names select them and see if that person has any ancestors. If they do not, I clicked on the Current Person and marked them each with a color I probably wouldn't normally select.

These two people are End of Line Ancestors and both will have that pink, BUT will also have which of my grandparents they are end of line for. In this example, the first color is Blue, so this is the end of line ancestors on my Paternal Grandfather.
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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Color Coding - End of Line - Not Direct Line

The earlier Color Coding, End of Line blog post was for my DIRECT Line and I used the Filter Feature to do that. But did NOT include 2nd marriages. I only wanted to mark those direct end of line ancestors.

The result of that, is that when I use the Default Filter Feature, I get to see those 2nd marriages.

There are two 2nd marriages on the Left. I can tell because there are NO Color's to the right of their name. They are my Ancestor but by marriage. The arrow points to that fact that this person was married twice.

As a follow up to the earlier blog post, you can easily see the End Of Line Ancestors as they have two colors. The Line Color (on of my grandparents) and an End of Line color.

Liking this feature a lot

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Reader Question: Custom Report

A Reader submitted this Question:
I have a custom report that shows all the individuals who are also listed in find a grave, I would like to add a web link to that page to the report, the help says you can do this, but there is no process that shows how to add it, when you "create a Report"
I have a number of Blog Posts on various uses of the Find-A-Grave website. This question is a little confusing for me, and why I haven't blogged about this specific use of a Custom Report. One with links.

Lets break this down a little. First, I would not consider a Link to a Website in a Custom Report. Custom Reports are for People having an event or fact by time and /or place.

To me, Links to websites are part of a Citation. Where did I get that information from? is what the Link provides to us. For me, links in a report would not be helpful, because, in most cases, you can't click on them in a report.

Having said that, if you create the Custom Report that you want, add the "Include Sources" option in the Items to Include list.

You will see the Citations at the bottom of the page. But, you would have to have the Link is the Web Address in the Citation screen, and include that URL in the Citation. I do NOT include any URLs in my Citations. The Source Template feature allows for the publishing of the Web Site address, like http://www.ancestry.com.

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Color Coding

FTM has a really cool new feature, Color Coding.

In the People Workspace, Tree View, upper right corner is a new ICON, Color Coding

Clicking on that ICON, you have choices.

I chose All Ancestors, (4 colors)

When I turned that on, The parents of the focus person now have a color below their information.

The first time I turned this feature on, I saw a problem.

I returned to myself, and looked at the Index, in the People Workspace, Tree View and scrolled up the index a couple of times.

The colors indicate my direct line ancestors BUT the color for Eliza Pancoast and John are different from the rest of the Worrell / Worrall individuals.

Below is my 4 grandparents, each with their own color. The Green dot above and underline below is for my Paternal Grandmother. The Red dot is for my Maternal Grandfather. So, I probably have some research to do.

These families were all in the same area at the same time, been there for years, but I did not realize that  the Worrall / Worrell may different or the same family. Remember, in old records spelling doesn't count. I know about the different spellings, but without the color coding, I didn't realize that it may be different families.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Photo Darkroon

Photo Darkroom is a new feature in FTM2017. It will allow you do make some adjustments with an image in your Media Workspace, Detail View.

Just below the Images is the button for "Photo Darkroom"

This will open a simple photo editing tool on the left, where you can adjust the contrast

Hovering over the ICONs on the left you will see what you can do.  "You may click the tool several times to enhance the effect" for example.

There is a drop down arrow (just above) what will give you some sliders that you may also use. You will notice below that the image is different. If you look at the slides on the left, it was a little extreme.

You can move the sliders around so that the image is the way you want it. Below, I manually returned the sliders to 0.

 You can click on the ICONS, in this case the 3rd one and adjust the sliders as well

The image is now worse.

BUT, there is an Undo button that you can undo your last change, but you can also undo a number of changes.

There is another View, the one that I use, where you can have the Original on the Right, and the "proposed change" on the left. On the bottom of that image is two boxes, one for one image, like the ones above, or two images, below. That way you have a better idea of the changes you have made.

Also, the Revert to Original option.

This Photo Darkroom feature is in addition to the photo editing feature that is already part of the Family Tree Maker program.

Suggestion: This feature is one of the reasons I always use a COPY of the original media file, when I Add a Media file to my database. If I mess this image up, using this feature, I can always bring in a fresh COPY of my media file.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

FamilySearch Hints

One of FTM2017's new features is the ability to see Hints from FamilySearch, similar to what we have experienced from Ancestry.

In the Plan Workspace, upper right corner you will see where you can Login or Logout of either Ancestry or FamilySearch. In this example, I have already logged in.

So I can log out. The usual Ancestry ICON, and the new FamilySearch ICON.

In the People Workspace, at least the first time, you will see:

The usual Login Screen from FamilySearch. Please read the choices and login. The you will see:

This is turning on the Auto-Search feature to FamilySearch. Again, read the fine print and make your choice. There is a FamilySearch Privacy Policy link that you should read.

Once that is done, then you will see Hints, like you see hints from Ancestry.

It's the blue square to the right of the Ancestry Shaky Leaf hint.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What is a Sync Weather Report

When you do a FamilySync™ you will see a new screen, the Sync Weather Report.

The text in this "Weather Report" will most likely change, as this feature has just been turned on for us, the End User. I wasn't going to post this, because it might and will probably change. But what is important is that we just don't click through (Continue Sync) without READING the content of the information that is provided. In this case, the FamilySync feature has a warning about what is going on. The feature is safe, but read the whole message as to that is going on.

Welcome to the Sync Weather Report system.
We created this system to alert you to conditions that may affect your syncing. A orange window like this one means you should experience caution in syncing. A red window means syncing is down or so dangerous that we will not permit you to sync until these conditions improve.

Current Issues
FamilySync has been officially online for just 48 hours now and we see it has some quirks of its own to work out. Here are some notes.
Ancestry Side Changes: You may see changes on the Ancestry side when you didn't make any, especially on your first sync. This is a known issue and is not dangerous. What's happening is FamilySync occassionally picking up "time stamps" that tell us what has changed and reporting them as real changes when obvioiusly they're not. We're working with Ancestry to fix this.

Safe Mode for Ancestry Syncing. When changes are made only on the FTM side, sync speeds are lightening fast compared to TreeSync. But for the moment, syncing Ancestry side changes take place in "Safe Mode' which takes 2-3 times linger than before. While we work with Ancestry to make an Ancstry side sync that is both safe and fast we'd suggest making all your changes on the FTM side.
We are committed to making syncing faster, safer and smarter. If you have issues with syncing please report them using our Bug Reporter system by clicking here. 
The important point here is the level of communication that has been added to this feature. This message appears very quickly at the start of the process so that WE can decide if WE want to continue with this process.

That last paragraph is probably the most important part. If you see a Bug, Report the Bug. That is the only way they know that there may be a problem to resolve. 

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