Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Knowledge Base Website

I recently found that Ancestry.com (formerly The Generations Network) has updated the Knowledge Base website for the Family Tree Maker Program. It includes other Ancestry.com products, but this blog will be focusing on the support of the Family Tree Maker program.

The website is: http://ancestry.custhelp.com/

To get to the Knowledge Base articles for Family Tree Maker, you click on Products, then select Software, and the most three versions of Family Tree Maker will be listed. For this blog, Family Tree Maker Version 2010 was selected. All of this is in the Left side of the page.

In the Center panel, are five important items to take a look at:

Video Tutorial - Find answers to your questions

Family Tree Maker Blog
- Learn about the newest updatees

Message Boards - Get help from our community

Download the Getting Started Guide - Learn step by step how to use

Request Enhancements - Have a suggestion or an idea, let us know

On the Right side of the Page is current Announcements and a place to leave Feedback on the website. There is a section on how to contact Ancestry.Com Support Team.

There is also another link for the Video Tutorial.

The Search Support field, at the top of the page, just below the Ancestry.com menu bar, works much like the previous Knowledge Base websites have worked. You can seach for Keywords or Article Numbers. There is an Advanced Search feature with Search Tip Examples available.

The exiting Knowledge Base websites appear to be remain unchanged, but with many articles updated as they have been doing.

Version 2008, 2009, and 2010 can be found here: http://ftm.custhelp.com/ But I am moving to use the New Knowledge Base website.

Versions 2005, 2006, and Version 16 can be found here: http://pastftm.custhelp.com/

Earlier Versions and Genealogy.com can be found here: http://gendisc.custhelp.com/

I have found that mose of he above article will show up in this last link.

I have updated my Bookmark / Favorite to the new website.

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