Sunday, January 8, 2012

FTM2012 - Different Cemetery Report

There are usually multiple ways to do a task, or prepare a report. A report that might work for me, as presented here, might not work for others.  This is especially true for users who are used to the Custom Report found in Version 16 and earlier.

Based on some feedback on this Blog Post: Family Tree Maker User: How to create a Cemetery Listing I thought I would create a different report. For an example a more detailed report about the people buried in a specific cemetery.

In the Publish Workspace, Person Collection, Custom Report, the first action is to Select the persons with information in the Burial Fact. Select Selected Individuals in the right hand panel.  I entered Burial Report in the Report Title.

This window will open, where you click on Filter In >, select All Facts, Select the Burial Fact, Any Data, and Exists.

That is selecting everyone who has any information in the Date, Place, or Description for the Burial Fact. This will move everyone in the file that meet this criteria from the Left column .o the Right. In this case, there are 101 people who meet that criteria.

Now to determine what information should be in the Report. Clicking on Items to Include left end of the Right Hand Panel, which will bring up the Items to include selection. In this case, I want to see the Name, Birth, Marriage, Death, and Burial Information. (top part of that window) but I want it sorted by the Burial Description field, where the Cemetery Name en normally entered. This will group the report by Cemetery, then the report will be sorted by Name.

Here is the resulting Report. It contains information about the individuals who are buried in each cemetery. Because the Burial Fact has the Place Name, that is also included the report.

But suppose you want only a report on a Specific Cemetery. Click on the Selected Individual button in the Right Hand Panel, then < Filter Out. We want to remove everyone who is NOT buried in the Green Mount Cemetery. Select All Facts, Burial, Description, Does NOT Contain, and type in Green Mount Cemetery, then OK.

This will provide the same information, but only those buried in the Green Mount Cemetery.


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