Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Census Record Tracking

Perhaps you would like to see how you are doing in looking at Census Records for individuals in your family file.

In Family Tree Maker Version 2012 (FTM2012) I use the Residence Fact to record what a Census Record shows. The Date field would be the Census Year, the Place Name would provide where the person lived, based on the Place Name Authority (except historical place names), and as Census Records included a more exact location, like street name and number of Family Number, I enter that in the Description field. For me, this is helpful in reports, such as the one I will share here.

For this report, go to the Publish Workspace, select the Person Collection and the Custom Report.

The report will start to generate when the Custom Report is selected. Select the Items To Include ICON (Right Hand Panel, first ICON on the Left), which will bring up the Items to Include window.

The default list would be Name, Birth, Marriage, and Death. With the Green Plus sign, select the Residence Fact, then with the up arrow under the Green Plus, and Red X, move the Residence Fact to between Marriage and Death.

Reason: For females, the search strategy changes, from searching for the Birth Surname to a Married Surname.

The Only Fact Options (global setting) is Preferred Only for ALL of these facts. The exception would be to select Residence, where the Preferred Only check mark should be Removed.

Because you want to see all Residence Fact.

Here is a good example of a person, who I have each of the available census records for this person.

Born in 1844, have him in each of the Census Records through 1920, as he died in 1926.

The record showed District 1, Family 2654 in 1850, as an example. Other reports, with a different Sort would put the households together.

I record "unknown" names with 5 underscores. Here is where the Marriage Date comes in handy. She was married in 1875. I found her with her Married name in 1880 and 1900, she died in 1906. I still need to locate her, with her birth family prior to her marriage.  So, I am missing the 1840, 1850, 1860, and 1870 census records.

This final example also shows that I am missing her birth family census records. Found her after her marriage.

Using this type of report I can work on the list. I do Save this specific report and call it Residence Fact Report. It includes everyone in my file. That can also be controlled using the Filter In / Filter Out feature that has been talked about on this Blog.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to ask "give me a report where the Residence Fact it Blank". But this report has helped me with my research.

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