Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to create a Bow Tie Chart

One of the new Features of Family Tree Maker version 2009, is the Bow Tie Tree. This tree also has the capability to put an image behind or as background to the tree.

To do this, select the individual (one person) to be the focus of the tree. Select, from the People button (1), and select the Individual (2)

Figure 69

Now select the Publish button (1), and the desired Chart. In this case, the Bow Tie Chart (2) from the Collection and click on Create Chart/Tree (3)

Figure 70

The first version of the Bow Tie Chart indicates 2 Pages. For this example, a One Page Chart is what is needed. The 2 pages are indicated on the top part of the Chart and the bar across the screen (2 pages). Will reduce the Number of Generations from 4 to 3 (1) and will add the Background (2).

Figure 71

Reducing the number of generations allowed the Chart to be on one page.

Figure 72

Clicking on the "Aa" ICON at the top of the Right Pane will bring up a Font screen. as indicated below. Please note the "n" not being on the same line as the rest of the surname.

Figure 73

Figure 74

Reducing the font size to 9, allowed the number of Generations to be reset to 4. The changes continues to allow the Chart to be on one page..

By selecting the Background button, a pull down menu will appear. There are background options available. The last menu option is Select Media. The media files, pictures will be displayed from which to select.

This can be Printed by clicking on the Print ICON. There are Share options available to Export the Chart in a number of formats. The final images is a JPG file.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Viewing a Time Line

Family Tree Maker 2009 has a feature to View a Timeline for an Individual.

To do this, go to the Individual you want to see this timeline. Click on the People button on the tool bar and select the Individual and the Person tab for that individual. Once there, click on the Timeline button.
See below:

Figure 66

To view any Historical Events, click on the Timeline button and you will see a pull down menu. Select "Show Historical Events". See below:

Figure 67

The results are below:

Figure 68

For more details, please visit the Family Tree Maker Knowledge Base website, Article 4216.

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