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Reader Question: Streamline Source Group List

Here is a Question from a reader:

I want to streamline my Source Group List - for ex. Can I have all 1900 Censuses within one large Source group with subgroups for each State? I would like to see an in depth way you select source groups and your list of source groups. I have narrowed mine to 383 source groups as of now. I didn't see this topic on your website except for the video where you said don't just merge Censuses because they are from different locations. Thanks in advance.

I don't want to streamline my Source Group List. So, I am not sure I can help you. You can submit your request from the Help Menu of FTM2019.

Having said that, why don't I want to streamline my Source Group List. 

First, I don't normally work from that list. That is starting to do something from the Source Group list. I do go the Source Workspace frequently. I do want to see, in your Census example, the Census Year, by State, and County. The Census Source Template feature allows for just the Year, or Year and Location. I want the Year and Location.

I spend a lot of time on my Sources and Citations, but I want to see the details. 

Another example, for me, Email Citations. I have a Source Group for each "cousin" that I have emailed with, as the "cousin" as a Source Group. I would also have a Source Group for myself and each of those "cousins". The Cousin Source Group would be those emails FROM that Cousin, and My Source Group would be TO that Cousin.

Remember, please, that I use the Source Template Feature 100% of the time.

IF that doesn't answer your question, Please (Marnie) help me understand what you mean by "streamline". I am guessing shortening the Source Group List. The way I use them, I need to understand what you are trying to accomplish.
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