Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tip Tuesday - New and Updates from Ancestry - 30 Dec 2014

No New Updates from Ancestry.com this week. But, I did notice that in January 2015, there will be a new record collection added:

California Railroad Employment Records

New Mexico, Department of Corrections Records


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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Genealogy Do-Over and my FTM2014

I think this is a great idea. Actually I started early, in reality 2 years ago. Let me try to explain.

When Family Tree Maker first offered the Template Feature, way back with FTM2010, I started over. I have been very unhappy with the "free form" citations where have been in Family Tree Maker for years.

Second point is that I learned, from the beginning, to Cite My Sources. I think that I must have picked that up from +DearMYRTLE and her podcasts, "back in the day"; +Dick Eastman and his Electronic News Letter and many others.

So what I did when FTM2010 came out, I convinced myself to learn how to use this feature. Why would Family Tree Maker create a feature that wasn't going to help me with the format of the EndNotes (Reference Notes) when doing a report.

I also had +Elizabeth Shown Mills books that I tried to understand, but was missing the tool to get them right. BUT, as it turns out, I had a chance to meet her at an Ancestry.com dinner when the Templates were introduced. My copy of Evidence Explained was signed by her. An honored treasure that is always within easy reach.

As I have blogged about here, I started to transfer all of my Citations into the Template Format.

Well, that doesn't look like too much progress, not quite 50%, BUT there is work behind those numbers.

My plan is to follow the Genealogy Do-Over, but I am NOT starting my file over, but will participate in the project.

Here is a link to the Genealogy Do Over website:


There is also a Facebook Group


Looking at the schedule for this project, I will share my experience HERE focussing on how these steps are impacting my use of FTM2014. Where possible, what I will share will be for both FTM2014 (PC / Windows version) and FTM-3 (Mac version), as I have both. If I see a difference I will post a separate FTM-3 article. But so far, I don't think that there will be any differences.

I have spent too much time on this file, to start my research over, BUT HOW I do my research has changed. I have shared some of that already on this Blog and will continue to do so.

Stay Tuned.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Family Tree Maker 2014 SP4 & SP5 Patch Notes

When I started FTM2014 today, there was an update notice.

For more information on this update, please go to the Knowledge Base website


and enter 9048 in the Keyword Search box.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Ancestry Global Family History Report

An interesting Report from Ancestry.com

Ancestry Global Family History Report

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tip Tuesday - New and Updates from Ancestry

I am going to try something new. I am going to see if it's worthwhile to post what I see, when I look at the Ancestry.com home page, where I have as my default, the New and Updated collections.

New and Updated

New and Updated

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Citation Review - Did I capture everything ?

I wonder IF I captured all of the information I wanted from this record collection?

I do a Citation Review to confirm that. Here's how:

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lesson Learned: World War I Draft Registration Cards

A lesson learned when trying to craft an Evidence Explained Reference Note, in FTM2014, for a World War I Draft Registration Card

Guess I have some clean up to do.


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Friday, November 21, 2014

Dear MYRTLE's 3rd Annual Share Memory Contest

Don't forget to enter Dear MYRTLE's 3rd Annual "Share Memory Contest"

Contest announcement (with rules and list of prizes.)

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

FTM2014 - Information Overload from Quaker Meeting Records

How I am handling the U.S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935 collection from Ancestry.com. This collection, for me, presents a different approach for recording the data. Most times, I will use the Web Merge Feature to get my data from Ancestry.com into FTM2014.

In my example, a page has 19 people listed, 16 of which are my family, already in my database. Instead of doing 16 Web Merges, I am going to work on a Page at a time and line at a time for my citations. Each Line is a Person. On this page, there are 13 Facts that I picked up per line. I link the page image to each Citation, the citation includes the Line Number and the Page Number.

Is this the best way to handle this type of information? I don't know, but it really works for me.


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Sunday, November 16, 2014

No Shaky Leaf Hints ?

How to turn ON those Shaky Leaf Hints


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FTM2014 - Ancestry.com - Find A Grave Index Hint

Here is how I handle an Ancestry Member Tree hint, for the Ancestry.com U.S., Find A Grave Index, 1600s-Current and bring that information into FTM2014.
In this specific case, I am creating a bread crumb that would lead me to the Find A Grave website. The reason for me to create this lead to that website, is so that I can create the Creator of that Memorial, get the memorial number. I would then deal with any images or other information that might be on that memorial.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Civil War Pension Index Cards

DearMYRTLE’s Docu-Challenge: Phillips, William D

Russ Worthington’s response:
DearMYRTLE’s DocuChallenge in A Worthington Weblog

Russ’ Conversations with Dixie Petty on FB:

WACKY Wednesday: What kind of document is THAT?

BIG Thank you to +DearMYRTLE for this DocuChallenge

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Following the PA Death Certificate Hints

As you may have seen, I have been working with the Ancestry Shaky Leaf Hints.

For the past several days, I have been working with the relatively new Pennsylvania Death Certificates, 1906-1963 collection. I had already done some research on them, but that was "way back when" you had to write, wait months, and cost money, OR drive to Harrisburg. I had already identified 21 people with Death Certificate Numbers.

The purpose of this blog post, is a summary of my experience with the NEW collection, on Ancestry, that end up in my Ancestry Member Tree as Shaky Leaf Hints. I then compared that with the hints in FTM2014, merged the records in FTM2014 and did all of the follow up work following the merge. That work includes getting the "Source Information" from Ancestry.com, into an Evidence Explained format for Citations, putting a Citation on Each Death Certificate, Entering a Research Log entry for each person that was cited from that record, and created a Death Certificate Fact for follow up later.

I only recorded the Facts from the Merge an will review each Death Certificate in the future. This was just go get the information from Ancestry into my FTM2014 file.

I started with 42 Hints in my Ancestry Member Tree. I was able to merge 32 of them. There are now 10 new items on my ToDo list, for follow up. 75% of the hints were accurate. Of the remaining 10, 7 were hints in the AMT that do not show up in FTM2014. I will be looking into this issue, as I have already reported this to Ancestry.com. There were 3 other hints that I have to look into further, as they weren't a quick fix, quick merge, not quite sure if they are the same people. Bottom line, the hints were good and worth while working with.

The good news, I added 10 more people that were not in my database. Parents of people who I had in my database, not to mention a score of maiden names for people, females in my file. All good. Picked up a couple of middle names along the way.

There is some amazing information in these Death Certificates as I glanced at them along the way, but didn't want to get side tracked in the detail. That is to come.

Everything was updated in my AMT and just checked and have 8 new Hints to follow.

All of the Images in this collection are appropriately Cited, In the right Category, the Filenames are the way I want them and the Image Caption is the way I want them. Research logs on everyone.

Back to the earlier work, I was able to cross reference the Death Certificate Numbers from my manual search with what is now on Ancestry for 5 of the 21, which means I'll be on the look out for 16 more, as they become available on Ancestry. AND I have a ToDo list for each of those 16 people.

I am really liking this working on a specific collection at a time. The time involved doing the many steps that I take is greatly reduced as I don't have to try to remember, how do I do that?

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What's New on Ancestry.com (Hints)

My new Morning Routine:
  • Get some Coffee
  • Go to my Ancestry.com "customized" home page
  • See what's New and Updated
  • Browse any new or updated Record collections that might be of interest
  • Check Hints in my Ancestry Member for new or updated collections

NOTE: Just making this video, I found that Burial Ground Map that I have not seen before

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Friday, October 17, 2014

AMT - Finding an Ancestry Record Number

How to search for a specific record Collection on Ancestry.com

Here is a link to Ready Seavers blog post on this topic.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

FTM2014 - How I merge a Shaky Leaf Hint into my file

This is a follow up to several previous Shaky Leaf Blog posts

Here is a link to a short subject video that +DearMYRTLE and I did on this topic
Shaky Leaf Hints

That video showed how I identified the Shaky Leaf Hints in my Ancestry Member Tree. This goes that next step to show how I bring that information into the file on my computer

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Monday, October 13, 2014

FTM2014 - How to get Hints from Facebook

There is a way to get Hints for your Family File from Facebook.

I found it very helpful to verify some information that I already have and to help keep up with the living family. Where did they go to school? Where do they work? Who did they marry?

I have been able to expand the living family based on information from Facebook. Most of the information that I found really confirmed what I had, but more importantly am now able to keep up with the living family.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

FTM2014 - Shaky Leaf Follow Up

This is a follow up to my previous two blog posts on handling of Shaky Leaf hints. I am finding that using the Ancestry Member Tree as my "Hint Manager" is working, at least for me.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

FTM2014 - Shaky Leaf Tip

An approach when dealing with those Shaky Leaf hints from Ancestry.com

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

FTM2014 - Citing a SSDI Record from Ancestry.com

Here is how I create a citation for a Social Security Death Index record from Ancestry.com where the Citation will be in the Evidence or Template format from FTM2014

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

FTM2014 - Evidence Evaluation

Now that we have recorded the Claims or Facts from a Source, Cited the Source, not it's time to Evaluate that Source and Citation.

ps - have been unable to determine where the miss spelled image came from and unable to correct it. _______________________________________________________________
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FTM2014 - Citing a Printed Book

The steps I take to Cite a Printed Book

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Monday, September 29, 2014

FTM2014 - Research Log Follow up

Follow up on how I use *#FTM2014* and it's Research Log tab

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Friday, September 26, 2014

FTM2014 - Do I add an Unrelated Person ?

Am reviewing and updating my Research Log for my Grandmother in my database. In recreating my research log, I was looking at the Sources as I am going through the research and making sure that the Sources I have are in the FTM2014 Evidence Explained format and to review that source to see IF I missed anything.

In the 1900 Census, my grandmother was living with her Grandmother, but in the house where my grandmother had lived. Both of her parents had died. In that household was a lodge. I remembered that and have a hint as to who this person was and probably why this lodger was there.

I will show how I added this Unrelated Person to my database and will probably do some research on this person to really determine why this young women was there in 1900.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

FTM2014 - How to use a Research Log within the program - Update

Earlier today, I did a Video Blog post on Research Notes.

FTM2014 - How to use a Research Log within the program

After I posted it, I realized that I left something, very important out. How did I find or how did a search for that SSDI or 1920 Census Record. My class saw me do it live, but I didn't include the details in that earlier Blog post.

Here is the Research Log from that blog post.

I have the Date and the Source, where I would look at the Source Workspace for details. BUT, how did I get there?

I added that I had followed a Shaky Leaf that was attached to John Wheeling Jones. Now, John wasn't the Head of Household, so I moved to his father, Omar, who was the Head of Household. In that 1920 Census Report, it Claimed that his Mother was born in a State. So, only the Birth State was recorded.

I can go back to that Census Record to see what else was in the Record. Because I always move an Ancestry.com "source" into an Evidence Explained Template, the Citation work is already done.

This is my bread crumb reminding me now I got there.
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FTM2014 - How to use a Research Log within the program

Teaching folks how to use Family Tree Maker and remembering some basic genealogy skills, I have been trying to determine what works best for me with Research Logs. This is a first attempt at sharing this process to others.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

FTM2014 - How to generate a list of Names

There was a question on Facebook about How can I create a list of ONLY Names for the front of a book. Here is a quick and simple way to do just that.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ancestry Mobile App Update

An update on the Ancestry Mobile App for the IOS operating system. The video is specifically on the iPhone App. I looked at the new App on my iPad and there was only a slight difference. AND I was able to take a picture and attach it to a person in my Ancestry Member Tree.
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Find A Grave Celebrates 100 Million Photos On Site!

Thought I would share this with you all.

Find A Grave Celebrates 100 Million Photos On Site!

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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Chart Chick: An Open Letter to MyCanvas Users

Thought I would share this Open Letter from "The Chart Chick". I have used their services in the past and love the outcome. I created a Chart for an elderly aunt, so what she could show her great grand children. Not only did they like it, but others who have see the chart loved it.

The Chart Chick: An Open Letter to MyCanvas Users

Thank you,


Friday, August 29, 2014

Announcement from Ancestry.com about the Ancestry APP

We just re-launched the Ancestry App on version 6.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. This isn’t just a re-launch on a new system, we’ve worked hard to add some solid new features that we think you’ll enjoy.
Prioritized Hints View
We’ve added a new section to the application which allows you to view all the hints for a given tree from a single place. We’ve added a prioritized sort order to the hints in this section so that your very best hints automatically bubble up into view. In addition to a priority sort, we’ve made it possible to view hints based on recency, with the newest hints at the top of the list. Near the top of the new hints view you will find sort order controls titled “best” and “latest” which allow you to toggle between these two sort orders to meet your needs. We’ve also included some filtering capabilities for the hints in this section which will allow you to filter hints by the last name of the person the hint is for, or to filter hints by type (photo, story or record). When you see a hint that you’d like to learn more about, simply tap; the details of the hint will come into view and you will be able to accept or ignore the hint from right there.
Every day thousands of photos and stories are added to Ancestry by users of the website and the Ancestry App. When one of these pieces of great content might be associated with a  relative of yours you will get a photo or story hint and you get to share this content and benefit from the work of other Ancestry users. Now you will have the ability to comment on these shared pieces of content directly from the mobile app - just like you can on the website. When viewing a photo or story you will notice a new comment area within the mobile app, here you will see comments from others and be able to leave comments of your own.
Comments View 
The new comments section provides a running history of the new comments that have been left on photos and stories I your tree,  making it easy for you to keep up to date on the latest comments. When you see a comment that you would like to see in full context or respond to, silly tap; you will be taken to the photo or story that the comment was made on and be able to review the entire comment thread associated with the content.
You may notice a new red badge with a number in it that shows up on the Ancestry app icon. This lets you know that you have new hints or comments to review. We have also included badges on the icons representing the hint and comment sections which allow you to know exactly where the new content can be found.
If you have enabled the Ancestry App to send you push notifications you will now be notified when the very best new hints or comments are available. When you are ready to view the new hint or comment, simply tap; the app will open and you will be taken dirtily to the hint or comment.
Tree Viewer Enhancements
In addition to family and pedigree views, you can now view your family tree in a list view. From this view you can filter the list of tree persons by name or using a number of useful filters (Direct Ancestors, End of Line, Living Relatives, People with Hints, and People with Recent Hints). We’ve also added a dedicated person search within the pedigree and family views. Tapping on the search icon In the top left corner of the tree viewer will allow you to enter the name of the person you are looking for. When you see the person you are looking for, simply tap; the tree will be refocused on this person and you will be taken directly to his or her profile details.
We’ve simplified and updated the navigation within app. You will notice prominent tabs along the bottom of the app for Hints, Comments, Tree, DNA, and Settings. Getting around the app will now be quicker and easier than ever. 
In addition to the major updates highlighted above we have worked on smaller touches within the app that enhance the overall experience. As you use the app in more depth you will likely notice other changes like: quick links to web content, side-by-side comparisons between tree and record data, quick access to profile information from hints and updated colors and styling. We hope that the new version 6.0 app experience will be a good one, and that the Ancestry Mobile App will become an ever more integral part of your Ancestry experience. If you have ideas, thoughts or questions please feel free to submit feedback by tapping on the “Feedback” tab within the Settings section of the app.
The Ancestry Mobile Team

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Update on MyCanvas

Great news: MyCanvas finds a new home in Alexander’s
(Author: Eric Shoup)

This past June, we announced that we were retiring the MyCanvas website and service in September 2014.

We’ve heard from many people who love MyCanvas and hate the idea of it going away. Well, we have some good news for you: It’s not going away after all. We listened and decided not to retire MyCanvas, but instead transfer the website to Alexander’s.

Founded 35 years ago, Alexander’s is a Utah-based printing production company that has been the long-term printer of MyCanvas products including its genealogy books, calendars, and other printed products. This makes the transition of MyCanvas to Alexander’s a natural fit.

It’s our hope that this agreement will not change the experience for MyCanvas customers. In fact, Alexander’s plans to make some exciting improvements we think you’ll love. Additionally, MyCanvas will continue to be available from the Ancestry.com website as we believe in the importance of sharing family history discoveries and see MyCanvas as a way to deliver this ability to our customers.

The transition of MyCanvas will take about six months. But in the meantime, all MyCanvas projects will remain accessible on Ancestry.com until it moves over to Alexander’s next year. We will continue to communicate details as the transition moves forward.

We want to thank our loyal MyCanvas customers for all the projects you have built and printed with us over the years. We’re excited about this new owner of MyCanvas—and we think you will be too.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

FTM2014 - How to identify people with no 1900 Census Records - REVISED

This is a revised video for:

Question from the Cousin Russ Community


Is there a good query language in any tools where you can query your family tree in a more advanced way?

"Give me all people where you have descendants born before 1900 and I have no source connected to it from the Census 1900"


Thanks to reader Karen Jaquish for pointing out that I had removed too many people from my search.


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RE: Do Search Engines Provide What You Request?

I was reading Randy Seaver's blog:


and thought I would give it a try. I was wondering if I would get the same results or different results, based on how I search on Ancestry.com. This is from the Ancestry.com website and not from within Family Tree Maker.

Here is my Input: [ my default Search settings ]

I entered Sampson Seaver, Birth year of 1830, and selected New York, USA when I typed New Y

Then clicked on Search.

Since Randy was looking for 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 U.S. census records I selected the Census and Voting Lists

I got them all in ONE search:

I think the importance of my results are the Sliders. I use them ALL OF THE TIME. I am usually pretty successful with my search results. I do this type of search while teaching a class.

Here is the slider settings that I see as my defaults on this generic type of search.

The first name was fairly broad, which would pick of variations on Sampson. The Born date and location were broad.

Now, if I were to get too many results, I would move the Birth date and place tighter.

Now, I don't know if the census records were Randy's Sampson, but the information in the 1850, 1860, and 1870 were consistent, would have to know if the 1880 was Randy's person.

Thanks Randy for the challenge.

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FTM2014 - How to identify people with no 1900 Census Records

Question from the Cousin Russ Community

Question: Is there a good query language in any tools where you can query your family tree in a more advanced way?

"Give me all people where you have descendants born before 1900 and I have no source connected to it from the Census 1900"

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Test for Evidentia

This is a test post from Evidentia: Genealogical Proof Report

Summary of Findings

02 August 2013 - The working hypothesis is that Charles Wake was born in New York between 2 Aug 1802 and 1 Aug 1803

Itemized Research Findings

2 assertions from 1 sources were considered in evaluating this claim.
The 1850 US Census - Charles Wake (Xxx, YYYY) asserts that Charles Wake is 47 years old on 01 August 1850 which would mean born about 1803. The source reviewed was a clear unaltered Image Copy of an original record. It is indeterminable whether the information being considered is Primary (meaning we must assume the informant was not a knowledgeable eyewitness or participant in the event). The evidence supporting the claim is considered Indirect (meaning the evidence is implied, circumstantial or fails to answer the whole question).
The 1850 Census asserts that Charles Wake was 47 years of age as of 01 August 1850, indicating that he was born between 2 Aug 1802 and 1 Aug 1803
The 1850 US Census - Charles Wake (Xxx, YYYY) asserts that Charles Wake was born in New York. The source reviewed was a clear unaltered Image Copy of an original record. It is indeterminable whether the information being considered is Primary, and must be treated as Secondary information. The evidence supporting the claim is considered Indirect.
the 1850 Census asserts that Charles Wake was born in New York

End Notes

1850 U.S. Census, New York Ward 8, New York, New York, Population Schedule, Page 203A, Line 11 - 16, dwelling 344, family 863, Charles Wake; digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed 14 July 2014); citing NARA microfilm M432, roll 542, Image 10.
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Changes Coming in October 2014 to Family Tree Maker

I saw the following on Facebook:
"We’re making updates that may impact your Family Tree Maker experience. Starting in October 2014, Ancestry Web Search within Family Tree Maker software will have reduced functionality or may not be supported by Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista or Internet Explorer 8 or 9. Moving forward, Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 will be required for Ancestry Web Search functionality to work properly. "
I believe this to be true. But let me see if I can break this down a little bit further.

  1.  Version 16 & Earlier — The Web Search features in V16 will no longer be supported after July 31.  The V16 & earlier software will continue to run, but the web search functionality will not work.
  2. Windows XP — Ancestry is making changes that require newer versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Because FTM uses an embedded IE browser, upgrading to a different browser will not help those customers.  Microsoft Internet Explorer on a Windows XP computer cannot be upgraded beyond IE 8, and Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows XP, so those computers will not be able to run this updated functionality.
  3. FTM 2008 – 2012 — These customers may also see the XP message even if they have upgraded their browsers.  Ancestry support can help them make a change to their registry that will get them past this message.

Like other recent announcements by Ancestry.com, these also do not surprise me. I am totally aware of many users and their love for Version 16. I was there, but with FTM2014 I can't go back. Absolutely no reason for me to look back, was I think FTM2014 is the best version to date.

If I find additional information, I'll pass it along, but I think I have read the information correctly.

Come on up to FTM2014. Don't worry about the earlier versions, just come on up. 

One user's opinion.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Distributed Denial of Service Attack Neutralized

Here is a link to Ancestry.com's Blog post about the DDOS Attack. Family Tree Maker issues, from the best that I can tell, have been resolved. I have seen one or two folks with issues, on the FTMM-3 version, where a Restart of the Computer resolved the problem.

Distributed Denial of Service Attack Neutralized

As the blog post says, there still may be some issues.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

FTM2014 - Media, Sources, Facts

blog reader asked what should be linked to a record, such as a Census Record. This short video will try to explain that a Media File, like a Census Record is linked to a Citation. I think of the Media file or image as supporting information for the Citation. That Citation is then linked to ALL of the Facts, or information that I gathered from that Citation.

Copyright © 2014 by H R Worthington

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ancestry.com's Website

UPDATE (4:15pm PST): The Ancestry websites are coming back online. Please clear your cache and your cookies, then try logging in.
A couple items to note: (1) You may experience intermittent issues with Search and Trees. Please be patient, we are working to restore the website(s) fully and this will take time, (2) Images are loading slowly so we recommend you save them to your Shoebox for now, (3) If you are using Family Tree Maker, please switch to 'manual sync' so it does not try to sync your online tree for now. Give this a little time.
Thank you once again for your patience and support during this DDoS attack on Ancestry.

UPDATE (2:30pm PST): Still working on it.

UPDATE (12:30pm PST): We were able to bring the site(s) back online, but have experienced another outage. Please bear with us as we work to restore all services.
Ancestry.com is back online. Please know you should now be able to access all Ancestry and Find A Grave websites, though you may experience issues intermittently as we continue to work through bringing the sites back up to full capacity.

Around 1:30 p.m. MT on Monday, June 16, 2014, attackers targeted Ancestry with a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS). During the attack, Ancestry websites along with the Find A Grave website were clogged with massive amounts of bogus traffic that took the sites down.
We want to apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and also thank you for your amazing support, as this may have interrupted some of your family history research. We understand how frustrating this can be for our customers, and please know that it was just as frustrating for us too. We appreciate your patience and support as we dealt with this unfortunate incident against Ancestry.
We have since neutralized the DDoS attack and our services have been up since 11:00 a.m. MT today. You should now be able to access all Ancestry and Find A Grave websites, though you may experience issues intermittently as we continue to work through bringing the sites back up to full capacity.
Your data was not compromised by this attack. This attack overloaded our servers with massive amounts of traffic but did not impact or access the data within those servers. No data was impacted in any way.
I would like to thank the Ancestry Web Operations team for working really hard throughout the night to restore the Ancestry and Find A Grave services and build the defenses necessary to mitigate future attacks of this sort. Our Web Operations team is closely monitoring the situation in case the attacks resume and we’re doing everything in our power to protect our websites from situations like this in the future.
Thank you.
Scott Sorensen
Chief Technology Officer

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