Monday, January 25, 2016

Family Tree Maker Version 16 to FTM2014

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STATUS; Family Tree Maker Version 16 to FTM2014. 
The issue of missing notes, when importing a file from Version 16 into FTM2014 (Very Specific Version Number) has been duplicated by Ancestry. No word or commitment on a resolution to this problem.
IF you are trying to go from Version 16, I suggest you use FTM2012 first. If you also have FTM2014, then you can open the FTM2012 file with FTM2014. Verify your Notes are in FTM2012 before you open that same file with FTM2014.
IF you are a Version 16 user, and are thinking of moving to FTM2014, go to and use the FEEDBACK Button (it's green) on the right to let them know.

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