Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Why I like to follow Shaky Leaf Hints in FTM2014 (or FTM-3)

Here is an example of why I like to follow those Shaky Leaf Hints in FTM2014. I would not have found this record, if I hadn't followed this hint.

The record I found was a Census Record in 1880. The Transcription of the Surname was wrong. However, I will show you the reason that the transcription was probably correct.

Its the Dates, Places, AND, Relationships in my database that allowed be to quickly determine that this was My Record. In fact, it did clear up a couple of items on my To Do list but using this record.

The Search Engines at Ancestry.com was the first "set of eyes" to find this record. A previous researcher the second set of eyes. The ability to take a view of the Family / Household allowed be to quickly determine that I really wanted to merge this 1880 Census Record into my database.

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