For the most part, features in FTM2014 will work the same in FTM2017. As specific FTM2017 blog posts are made, they will added to this Page. Remember that there are Categories or Tags are listed down the left side of the blog. 

This page will be updated by the Categories / Tags that are on the individual postings. I have attempted to capture all of the Blog posts for FTM2017. Generally, they will be by Workspace, within the program. Selecting one of the links below, should give you a list of Blog Posts for that Workspace. There are more notes at the bottom of this page.
The best place for help for the Family Tree Maker program is here
This page will be automatically updated as each Workspace articles are added to the Blog.

The links below will take you to Blog Posts, based on my experience using FTM2017. As in the past, they will focus on the Workspaces in FTM2017. The links below will take you to all of the blog posts for that Workspace. It should be noted that in many cases, previous versions work very similar, bot your topic may have already been covered. Use the Search box, in the upper left of the blog.

FTM2017 - Plan Workspace
FTM2017  - People Workspace
FTM2017  - Places Workspace
FTM2017  - Media Workspace
FTM2017  - Sources Workspace
FTM2017  - Publish Workspace
FTM2017  - Web Search Workspace

FTM2017 - Menu Bar

FTM2017 - Help Menu


  1. I'm unable to find the Photo Darkroom feature. How do you access this feature?

    1. Unknown,

      Its in the Media Worspace, Details tab.

      I just posted a Blog post on Help with the Media Workspace


  2. We are worried about you since we have not seen any posts for 2021 and only 13 for 2020. I hope you have not been hit by COVD-19.

    1. Not much new going on, at the moment.



  3. I have a question on FTM 2019. Is there any way to generate a list of people who are not connected to anyone. Just hanging out there waiting to be deleted.


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