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Free Family Tree Maker 2010 online class

Family Tree Maker® 2010 has a lot of great new features. Let us show you around.

Family Tree Maker® 2010 new features online class
Here’s your chance to save 20% on Family Tree Maker 2010 and learn how to use it to grow your tree like never before. Join us on September 30th at 8 PM (EST) when some of the people behind Family Tree Maker walk you through what’s new and how to bring your family tree to life in the newest version.

A few of our developers from the Family Tree Maker team will also be on hand to help answer questions. We encourage you to submit questions in advance through our Family Tree Maker blog.

This is the perfect time to get 20% off of Family Tree Maker 2010 and learn about all its unique new features. Order now.

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Duff Wilson Speaker: Duff Wilson, Sr., Senior Product Manager – Family Tree Maker
Duff has 15 years of software design and development experience creating user–friendly interface designs. His interfaces have earned national awards and numerous patents. He holds a master’s degree from Utah State University in instructional technology with an emphasis in computer–based instruction. He’s also an avid genealogist. In the process of designing Family Tree Maker, Duff has worked closely with countless genealogists ranging from novice to expert.
Michelle Pfister Moderator: Michelle Pfister, Senior Product Manager – Family Tree MakerMichelle has 20 years of industry experience with companies such as Microsoft, WordPerfect and NTT/Verio. She has worked on products such as Microsoft SharePoint, WordPerfect Suite, Corel WordPerfect Legal Edition and several Verio eCommerce offerings. One of her passions is making software simple to use, yet powerful enough for the pros. | Help | Money-back Policy | Unsubscribe | PRIVACY
If you would like to contact directly, please write to: Operations Inc. Attn: Customer Service
360 West 4800 North, Provo, UT 84604.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Family Tree Maker: Webinar on Sept. 30th

Please drop by the Blog on Family Tree Maker:

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We have a free webinar scheduled for September 30th at 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. In this webinar, you’ll see a demo of the new features in Family Tree Maker 2010. We know it can take time to learn all the details of a rich application like Family Tree Maker. This webinar will hopefully help.
To help us prepare, please enter your questions in the comments section. We’ll try to answer every question in either the webinar or in blog entries here. To keep us all on track, please limit your questions to those regarding functionality in Family Tree Maker 2010.
As always, you can see past webinars on These will be especially helpful to you if you’ve upgraded from Version 16 or earlier. To attend the upcoming webinar, register here.
Thanks for entering your questions about Family Tree Maker 2010 functionality — we’ll look forward to reading every one. Thanks!
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Genealogy Guys Videocast and Family Tree Maker

You are invited to visit the Genealogy Guys Videocast at

Drew Smith, one of the Genealogy Guys, interviews Michelle Pfister and Mark LeMonnier of Family Tree Maker.

The Genealogy Guys Videocast #002 - 2009 August 2

Enjoy what they have to say about Family Tree Maker Version 2010.

Attach Images following Download

In a previous Blog entry

Plan - New File - Download from - Version 2010

The process of downloading a file from a Member Family Tree, you will notice that Source-Citation Images are not included in the download. The Source-Citation information is present as seen in the Source-Citation in the Right Hand Panel, but a 0 in the second column on the People, Person Facts page indicating no Media is present. Clicking on the Media Tab, in the Right Panel will also show no images.

Figure 235

As one who would like the image included in the Media collection for Source-Citations, the following are the steps that will include the Source-Citation image. Figure 234 was from the 1870 Census for Hunterdon County, New Jersey, Delaware Township.

Clicking on this link: will take you to a series of blog entries on how to do a Websearch.

A Web Search is performed on this individual, Hiram Deats was performed, and the 1870 Census Record is Selected.

Figure 236

Clicking on the View Image link, as seen in Figure 236, will bring up the Census Record in the Center, upper portion of the Family Tree Maker screen.

Figure 237

After a review of the image, which would have been looked at before, and is in the Member Family Tree, online, there will be a SAVE button, in the upper right corner of that screen. Looking in the box, you will note the it is, already, in the Member Family Tree.

Clicking on the Save button, will bring up a window asking you where to save the image. In this case,  Save This image to Your computer is selected.

Figure 238

The next window that opens will be asking where do you want to save this image. In this case, it is the Media Folder for Descendants of John Deats (1769-1841), which is the file name listed in the earlier blog.

For my file naming convention, I use a YYYY for Year, Undescore, Fed for Federal Census, Underscore, ST for the State Abbreviation, dash, County, dash, Township, dash, pg for Page Number. In the Figure 239, you will see where that information comes from.

In this case it is:


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