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PROVO, Utah, September 30, 2013 – LLC announced today it has acquired Find A Grave, Inc., the leading online cemetery database. 
With over 100 million memorials and 75 million photos, Find A Grave has amassed an unparalleled collection of burial information. Over the past 18 years, it has grown to become an invaluable resource for genealogists, history buffs and cemetery preservationists. Find A Grave will become a wholly owned subsidiary of, and will continue to be managed by its founder, Jim Tipton.
“Find A Grave is an amazing phenomenon supported by a passionate and engaged community of volunteers around the world,” said Tim Sullivan, CEO of  “We at are so excited…honored really…to take on the responsibility of supporting this community.  We will maintain Find A Grave as a free website, will retain its existing policies and mode of operation, and look forward to working with Jim Tipton and the entire Find A Grave team to accelerate the development of tools designed to make it even easier for the Find A Grave community to fulfill its original mission to capture every tombstone on Earth.” plans to bolster the resources dedicated to Find A Grave to launch a new mobile app, improve customer support, introduce an enhanced edit system for submitting updates to memorials, foreign-language support, and other site improvements.
“ has been a long-time supporter of Find A Grave. They have been linking and driving traffic to the site for several years,” said Jim Tipton, founder of Find A Grave. “Burial information is a wonderful source for people researching their family history and I look forward to working with to help continue our growth and accelerate the pace of improvements.”
The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. 

About is the world's largest online family history resource with approximately 2.7 million paying subscribers across all its websites.  More than 12 billion records have been added to the sites and users have created more than 50 million family trees containing more than 5 billion profiles.  In addition to its flagship site, the Company operates several Ancestry international websites along with a suite of online family history brands, including, and, all designed to empower people to discover, preserve and share their family history.

About Find A Grave
Find A Grave is a free resource for finding the final resting places of famous folks, friends and family members. With millions of names, it's an invaluable tool for genealogist and history buffs. Find A Grave memorials are rich with content, including dates, photos and biographies. Visitors can leave 'virtual flowers' on memorials to complete the online cemetery experience. Find A Grave also contains listings for thousands of celebrity graves, making it the premier, online destination for tombstone visitors.

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements. These statements relate to future events and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors that may cause the Company's actual results, levels of activity, performance, or achievements to be materially different from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements. In some cases, you can identify forward-looking statements by the use of words such as "appears," "may," "designed," "expect," "intend," "focus," "seek," "anticipate," "believe," "estimate," "predict," "potential," "should," "continue" or "work" or the negative of these terms or other comparable terminology. These forward-looking statements are based on information available to the Company as of the date of this press release. Forward-looking statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated by these forward-looking statements. Such risks and uncertainties include our ability to acquire and digitize new content, to provide desired content and product features to new and current subscribers and to otherwise satisfy customer expectations regarding the content of the collection, now and in the future. Information concerning additional factors that could cause events or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements is contained under the caption “Risk Factors” in Exhibit 99.2 to our Current Report on Form 8-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 10, 2013, and in discussions in other of our Securities and Exchange Commission filings. These forward-looking statements should not be relied upon as representing our views as of any subsequent date and we assume no obligation to publicly update or revise these forward-looking statements.

FTM2014 - Ancestry Member Tree Connection - Part 3

This is part 3 of some of the activities while collaborating with another user of an Ancestry Member Tree, and how to use FTM2014 in that effort.

Started with gathering of information and trying to prepare for a "road trip" to the location of where our common ancestor lived. That step is documented here:

FTM2014 - Ancestry Member Tree Connection - Part 1 

The trip was made, pictures taken, and this next part describes how I am handling the pictures that were taken.

FTM2014 - Ancestry Member Tree Connection - Part 2

What this next step is to identify any of the pictures that I took, can be uploaded to the Find-A-Grave website. As I am renaming the photographs from the Camera generated filename to a filename that is useful for me, I look at the Internment List from the Burial Ground's website.

After about 10 photographs, I found an entry that didn't have the headstone ICON to the right of the name. But I have a photo of that headstone. The name is the same as well as the only readable date, Jan 30 1889.

Clicking on the name brings up the Memorial Page for John Bartlett

I want to Add a photo for this person.

NOTE: There is an Age of 75 listed. I don't know where that contributor found that information, perhaps some records, but it's not on the headstone. It is common to see information that someone has added to the Memorial page, such as an obituary. I click on that Add button to select and upload my image.

This next screen appears where I will Browse to the folder on my computer where that file is located.

That brings up the Windows Explorer, where I select the Media file that I want to upload. Here is where the renaming of the files comes in very handy. I see that I have the right persons headstone picture. Selecting the image, it's filename is entered into the filename field.

Selecting Open will close Windows Explorer and return to the Upload screen. The file name is presented. That is a Good Double check on the name vs filename.

The file isn't uploaded yet, because you are able to add some information. I enter the transcribed data from the headstone, so that it can be read by a viewer of the Memorial. Not everyone does that, but that is what I do.

It may be important to note, that the image does not say how old John Bartlett was when he died. So, a viewer of this memorial would need to carefully evaluate what is presented. I am only presenting the data that I saw in the photograph.

The person who created this memorial certainly can and did, add his age.

The final memorial page looks like this.

My next action was to look at my FTM2014 file. I don't have his name entered. Crista's AMT didn't have it either.
Copyright © 2013 by H R Worthington

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FTM2014 - Ancestry Member Tree Connection - Part 2

Note: This blog is part of a series, but this specific one will not include any features of FTM2014. The work documented here, WILL lead to data entry into FTM2012.

Part one of this series: FTM2014 - Ancestry Member Tree Connection - Part 1 I talked about how I Planned my research trip to Little Egg Harbor Friends Meeting and Burial Grounds. All of the planning worked out, GPS took me right to where I needed to turn. But Meeting house was NOT visible from the street, but there was a sign at the street, the same sign I saw on Google Maps, street view.

I was very lucky to have two cemetery helpers with me, my daughter Carrie and husband Patrick. I'll have to take them again. They knew, from my print outs who we were looking for, at the Surname Level, which is what I wanted. They spread out over the cemetery and all I could hear was "I got one" while I was taking a picture of the Sign of the Burial Ground and of the Meeting house.

The first photo I always take is that of the Cemetery sign. I know that the next pictures are from this Burial Ground.

Next the Meeting House:

 While I am walking between the Sign and where I could take a picture "I found another one". Two extra set of eyes is always a plus.

One stone that was very important was just to the left of the Meeting house, toward the back of the building.

"In unmarked graves here were buried many of the pioneer settlers of Little Egg Harbor at the end of the seventeenth century and during all of the eighteenth century -- In the main they represented a noble type of manhood and womanhood devoted to the good of the world and to the service of God."
Hmm, Unmarked graves. But then echoing through this quiet space "Another one...."

I took 70+ pictures of the headstones. We had a successful trip. I did not try to do any work there, only that I took most of the photos of stones that were readable, and probably some that I couldn't read there.

My Post Visit process is to transfer the images from my point-and-shoot cemetery camera to my computer, where I use Picasa 3. I use the Export feature of Picasa so that I can retain the original image, untouched, and put a copy of the pictures I want to use, and export them to a Cemetery Folder on my computer. The export function does two things. Reduces the file size, but allows it be acceptable on a website and put a copyright label on the pictures.

Now for the detailed fun of taking the Camera Filename and making it useful for FTM2014.

I look at the image in Picasa and it would look like this

 or this

They are pretty readable and I can use them for uploading to Find-A-Grave or adding it to my FTM2014 Family File.

I have about 1,000 headstone pictures, so I need a way to keep track of what I have, and how I use them. 

Find-A-Grave has an EXCEL Template that can be used to upload data to their website.

I use a modified version of this template to meet my needs, but this section of my file IS THIS piece.

I open Picasa, go to the folder for this cemetery and view the stones, as seen above and Transcribe what I see on the stone into the EXCEL Template.

The expanded columns I add allow me to sort of filter the information for later entry into FTM2014 IF it is someone in my file. Not ready for that yet, I want to Rename the files. to something that is helpful to me.

I enter the State, County, Cemetery Name, a Find-A-Grave Cemetery Number, and the new filename. In this case:



In this case, I used the Cemetery Name that Find-A-Grave uses. As there may be another Quaker Burial Ground in Ocean County, I added Tuckerton to remind me which Burial Ground. That Filename Column (X) will be the filename of the image.

I transcribed the Name, and in these two cases, the birth and death year and the inscription. (yes, there are two typos below, but fixed in the file)

This screen capture, has Picasa behind it and Windows Explorer in front where I will copy the filename from EXCEL into the Rename feature in Windows Explorer (right click on filename). I copy the Filename (column X) from EXCEL into the Windows Explorer rename field.

I checked my family file, and don't have a Charles A Barlett yet, so I don't need that photo, but I wanted to see if there was one on Find-A-Grave. The headstone ICON says that there is a photo already online.

Going to that Memorial I see this.

What is nice about this memorial, is that it lists his parents names. His mother is a Leeds. Another surname from my file. But, I don't have either of them in my file (YET).

I will repeat this process through all of the photos that I can read and rename. Will check to see if any of my photos need to be uploaded to Find-A-Grave.

My next step, will be to see if Crista has any of these people on her Ancestry Member Tree. That will be in a follow up post.

Yes, this can be time consuming, its down to some details. But the pay off will be, for me at least, that IF I find one of my people in these pictures, I can then add these photos to my file. That will also be another blog post.

Copyright © 2013 by H R Worthington

FTM2014 - Ancestry Member Tree Connection - Part 1

I am cleaning up my Help Resources page, and watched a couple of the Livestream/ancestry / YouTube videos that the Barefoot Genealogist, Crista Cowan creates. and saw a surname, in a location that I know. In her September 26, 2013 video, she was talking about Collaboration, when you use an Ancestry Member Trees (AMT).

There is always a lot of negative words around the genealogy community about them, but Crista gave us an example of how to use them as part of our research. The surname of Ridgeway, and the Location was Egg Harbor, New Jersey. Now THAT got my attention.

With that hint, I will try to describe the steps I am taking, in light of Collaboration. I am using FTM2014.

I knew two things: Ridgeway is a Surname in my Family Tree and Little Egg Harbor is a location in my family file. The quickest way, for me, to see what I might have in Little Egg Harbor is to go the the Place Workspace, in FTM2014, select Little Egg Harbor in the Left Panel, and in the Right Panel will appear all of the Names who had an event there.

22 People had an event there.

What caught my attention first, was the ICON on the right which indicates that this Place is not in the Place Name Authority. I have blogged about how to resolve that, but this one hasn't been resolved yet. I want to take care of that first, as there might be a Resolved Place name where the others might be. Note: the County is Burlington County, and all of the dates are in the 1700's.


The normal way to resolve the place name is by clicking on that ICON, with the Question Mark (?)  and a pop-up window will appear, and you can move the text to the upper field, (up to the comma) which would put Little Egg Harbor there, then hit the search button. The search finds Little Egg Harbor, OCEAN, New Jersey.

I know that today, Little Egg Harbor is in Ocean County. so I may have entered something wrong, so I also moved Burlington to the upper field, with the up arrow on the Left of that window. The end result of doing that was:

That's not right, because it should be listed under Ocean County. Looking at the resulting map:

The Red Pin is not in the right place, it should be in Tuckerton.

Before I did anything else, I hit CRTL+Z (UnDo). You can also click on the Edit menu, and select Undo.

Back to where it was, unresolved. I want to resolve this before I move any further. Where is Little Egg Harbor, or is it really Egg Harbor as Crista suggested. 

The first place I would look would be Wikipedia and look for any information about County Border Changes.

Since my information called for Burlington County, I found this:

Anglo-European records of Burlington County date to 1681, when its court was established in the Province of New Jersey. The county was formed on May 17, 1694, "by the union of the first and second Tenths." (1)
OK, so Burlington County was formed in 1694. What about Ocean County?

Ocean County was established on February 15, 1850, from portions of Monmouth County, with the addition of Little Egg Harbor Township which was annexed from Burlington County on March 30, 1891 (2
Here is what that page said.

Ocean County was not established until 1850, but Little Egg Harbor Township wasn't annexed until 1891. 

For now, this place name will remain UnResolved. I will come back to resolving that place name in the future. I have a Task / ToDo list item in the Plan Workspace to resolve this. That task is not linked to anyone because it's a location task to be resolved.

Now to see the Surnames of who had an event, in more detail in Little Egg Harbor.

The Publish Workspace, Person Collection  and select Surname Report.

I only want a Surname list for those in Little Egg Harbor.. I select Individuals to Include, in the right panel, and it will bring a window up, where I select "Filter In" and another (filter in >) window appears where I will select "Other". I want to select Any Fact Places in the first entry, and type in Little Egg Harbor in the third entry. I leave "Contains" as the default.


This results in 37 people have that term in their Fact Locations. 

What I am trying to do, is to get a list of Surnames for Little Egg Harbor  

That will come in handy going forward.

I want another report, the Index of Individuals for that same list of people. The Person Collection (again) was selected and the Index of Individuals was selected.

Now I have some information to work with, based on my own database. I haven't yet gone to Crista's AMT.

My next place to research would be on Find-A-Grave. Those surnames, at least in my line, would have been Quaker. In a message to Crista on Facebook, she mentioned that her ancestors were Quaker, but didn't know IF there was a Quaker Burial Ground near the Meeting.

So, I looked and found the Friends Burial Ground, but it's listed in Tuckerton, Ocean County. Doing a little research on the history of Little Egg Harbor, this is the right place, found a website with some history on Little Egg Harbor and the address for the Quaker Meeting House.

Before I get into the car, to go visit, I wanted to see who might be there. 

There are 350 internments, on, looking at my list above, there are 16 names, in my database buried in that Cemetery 

Now, before I jump to any conclusions here, I went to Crista's Ancestry Member Tree. I don't want her tree, but I want to check the relationships that she has, against the relationships that I have. I don't want to copy her research, but I may, if we have some common ancestors want to collaborate with her, in the research. I am not yet even checking IF she has her file sourced or not. Not there yet. Just want to see if there are any matches.

Here is a what I saw:

A Richard Ridgeway with a Son Richard.

I looked at my AMT, and I found Richard Ridgeway, my connection of Thomas Ridgeway and HIS Brother Richard. So, our common ancestor, comparing these two trees is my 8th Great Grandfather, Richard Ridgeway.  Not ready to go down Crista's line yet, but I do want to go to that Burial Ground. (the result of that visit will be in Part 2)

I did find a book that was written in 1963, that is now out of print, "History of Little Egg Harbor' by Leah Blackman. 

I wanted to see where I received my information from, and also is from a book "Ancestors and Descendants of James and Ann Willits of Little Egg Harbor, NJ" (1898), Alfred C. Willits. 

Willits, wow, that's one of the names in that Burial Ground. In my Surname List there were 16.

The first book is out of print and haven't found it yet. It's on my Shopping list when I go down to Little Egg Harbor. But I, for some unknown reason, searched for it on It's online at Ancestry.

Hopefully, Crista will check this blog post, so that we can begin collaboration on this part of our family. It will be interesting to see her connection to my 8th Great Grandfather.

So who says, you can't make connections using an Ancestry Member Tree.

I see a road trip in the very near future.

(1) The Story of New Jersey's Civil Boundaries: 1606–1968", John P. Snyder, Bureau of Geology and Topography; Trenton, New Jersey; 1969. p. 93 -,_New_Jersey

(2) Snyder, John P. The Story of New Jersey's Civil Boundaries: 1606-1968, Bureau of Geology and Topography; Trenton, New Jersey; 1969. p. 201. Accessed January 21, 2013.,_New_Jersey

Copyright © 2013 by H R Worthington
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FTM2014 - Web Search / Web Merge and the 1850 US Census

Warning: This is a long post, due to the steps required to accomplish the task.

The 1850 US Census was the first census where the names of the members of the household were mentioned along with their ages. Later Census records include the relationship between the members of the Household and the Head of Household. Family Tree Maker understands relationships. Web Merges, where the relationships are known, can be done with one Web Merge. 

This blog post will describe the steps required to merge one census record to each member of the Household.

Here is the Household that should appear in the 1850 Federal Census in Pennsylvania.

Family of a husband, wife, and 9 Children. The source for this family is a family member, several generations later.

 When I do a Web Search, I generally try to search for the Head of Household, which I did in this case. Going from the People Workspace, Tree View over to the Web Search Workspace, I found a hint.

When the hint is selected, the information from that record appears in the lower right corner of the screen. The information about the person in your Family File, is on the Left.


Looks like a match for name and dates, go I clicked on View Record in the lower left corner of near the top of the screen, and see the details of the hint.

Looking at the record, there 11 people, (right number) but a couple of differences in the names.

Looking at the record, the transcription looks the same as the image. There is a John Sutton listed above, and he is listed below as a minor. Right for the area, so it appears that he is not a family member. 

The line numbers, page numbers, are records and will be needed for the Citation, so I just print the above image, using the Print Friendly option and put that information on that sheet of paper.   

This is my person and his family. So, I click on the Merge ICON as seen above. Again, Website information on the Right, information from my file on the left.

The next screen will show and offer choices at to what information on that Census that we want in our file.

Notice that there is ONLY ONE Person on that screen.

The choices of what is going to be merged are shown above. As earlier, the file information is on the Left, The information from the Web is on the Right.

We can choose to make which of any duplicate Fact to be Preferred, added as an Alternate Fact, or do Discard the information provided in the record.  

Since only one person can be merged at this point we are taken to the final Review of this merge, including the Citation any image or media file and the ability to do some editing here. I choose to Edit the Citation and information in the Media Workspace in the workspace and not at the merge level.

With Merge Now selected, the merge will start.

The merge ICON selected the merge begins. The Merge Progress bar will appear, but when it is done, it will remain on the screen, where it is then closed, but you do NOT change screens.

That progress window will close and you can now select the Next Person in that record, if there is another person. In this case, I selected the Wife, in two places. In the Mini-Nav bar at the top of the screen, and select the wife in the Web Search windowl 

You will notice that the results at the bottom of the page will change. Both the information in the Lower Left window, which is the information from your Database and in the Lower Right the information from the record. Again, compare the two "people" to make sure they are correct.

The usual Merge screen will appear. In the case below, the left column, my information has the specific Date of Birth, while the Census Record has a less accurate or vague date but it has the location, which my database didn't have. In this case, I want MY information to be the Alternate birth date, so I select or click into the right column by clicking into the circle to the left of the date. The pull down menu on the far right can be chosen to make the right column as preferred. 

I merged several of the children when I came across this next child. Looking at the Name fact, the Left has the first name of Arastas, while the Census Record had Erastus. That could be a conflict, the other data is correct. Will have to resolve that conflict later. In this case, I will merge these two people, or I could NOT merge them and cancel out of this merge.

That merge is complete and I am working through the children, I selected the pull down menu, to the left of the Father's name and the list of Children appears. That is where I select the 'next' child. 

The whole process is repeated through the head of household, his wife, and 9 children. So I did 11 Merges without leaving this page. Whole household is done.

I do have a choice as to what to do with John Sutton, who was in the household. I could bring him into my database as an unrelated person, I chose not to in this case.

One might expect that since I did 11 merges, with Images, that there would be 11 media files for this 1850 Census Record.

Going to the Media Workspace, I only find ONE. 

I categorize my media files, so I right click on the image and select the Census Category, which I had added. 

One of the things that I have done, is to return to the Web Search Workspace, and Copy the Source Citation information that is from Ancestry. I put my cursor at the start of "Source" and drag the cursor down to just above the Learn More Link. I will Paste that information into the Citation Notes tab. 

Media Workspace is done, now to look at the Sources Workspace. I pull up the list of Sources, but don't find this new Source. The Template Source name will be 1850 U.S. Census, state, county. a Web Merge Source name will be 1850 United States  Federal Census. It's not listed.

Since I have seen this before, hoped that it had been fixed, I went to the persons name fact, looked at what the Citation had in the People Workspace, Person Tab, and the Source read Pennsylvania, Chester County. I went to the 1850 U.S. Census, Pennsylvania, Chester source, and in the center panel was my Luzerne County Citations, all 11 of them. 
I didn't have an 1850 U.S. census source, so I need to create one. Clicked on New, this Add Source window appears, select Population Schedule, the Census range of years, and the Year and Location format. Its important to select the correct schedule. I have chosen to use the Year and Location option. This allows each census Source to be by State.

The Source Template screen is completed,
The Add template Citation window will appear (not shown here). I am just going to Click OK. I already have this screen complete in that other Source screen.

The new Source Template has been created.

The next step is to Move that out of place Citation to this new Source. Right clicking on the first Luzerne County citation, I selected Replace Source Citation. This is, changing the Source Template of Chester County to the Source Template of Luzerne county.

Selecting the Replace Source Citation will bring up this window. I selected the list to be by Source Title, scrolled down to Luzerne County.

A prompt asking if you are sure you want to change the Citation.

Now the Citation is in the right Source. In the Source Comment field, as has been shown in earlier Census Records is the format of the information that needs to be in the Citation Details. I copy that from the Source Comments and paste that into the Citation Details field.

For this case, that information is:

 [ civil division ]; Page __; dwelling number _; family number _; Lines __ - __; [ person of interest ] household; accessed:

I edit that with the information from the Source and would read:

Wilkes-Barre; Lines 17 - 28; Andrew Alden household; accessed: 26 Sep 2013

Now to check on the Media Tab. The media tab is empty, BUT the Media file is in the program. So Link to Existing Media 

The Find Media Item window is open and I selected the correct Media file.

Returned to the Chester County listing and selected the first person from Luzerne County, and in the Pull down window on the Right Selected Luzerne County. Repeating this process 11 times.

Moved all of the mis-placed Citations to the correct Source, selected. It's in the Media Workspace, just now to this new source, but this is still not right, for me. There are 11 Citations, I want one. There are other users who want a Citation for each person, so no change needs to be made at this point. I mentioned earlier that I wanted a Household Citation. So, more work to do. 

Right click on the 2nd entry, I replace it with the 1st entry on the screen above and am given a pop up window.

Yes, replace the old one (second entry) with the new one or first entry.

Repeated that 9 more times and the Source screen looks like this. Citation Details in the upper right, and the Ref Note in the bottom right, a link to all 44 Facts from that Source are in the lower left.

Returning to the People Workspace, Tree View, all of the Birth entries for the children are updated. I only had specific birthdates, but wanted to show, as the preferred Birth Fact, the Abt year of birth, but more important for the birth location to be on the screen as preferred for me.

I still had the issue of Robert vs Sylvester Alden to deal with. I looked at the Source of that name, found it was a Family Group Sheet that I had received. Although the collection of Family Group Sheets appear to be correct, I would trust the Census Record over the FGS that I got this name from. I change the preferred name to Sylvester Alden

Looking that the new Preferred Name, the 2nd column as the #1. That means that there is One Media File linked to that Citation. The New Image is at the right end of that Citation.

My next step is to Document that make up of that Residence or household listing, and put them into the Citation Notes field. I do that by going back to the Web Search Workspace, hi-lite in the household, selecting from the word Name next to the Head of Household's name, down to the age of the last person in the household and Pasting that into the Residence Fact Notes for each person in the Household.

This way I can look at a person's residence fact notes and see who what in the same household for that Census Year.

Yes, it took a while to do all of these steps, but I end up with the information I want about this household and a Citation for the household.

1850 U.S. census, population schedule, Pennsylvania, Luzerne County, Wilkes-Barre; Lines 17 - 28; Andrew Alden household; accessed: 26 Sep 2013; NARA microfilm publication M432, roll 794; digital image, (


Copyright © 2013 by H R Worthington
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