Sunday, July 31, 2016

FTM2014 Plug In - Family Book Creator

I received an announcement that the Family Book Creator is now available in Spanish (Español) and French (Français) as additional output languages

This is a great plug in for FTM2014. I use is, have blogged about it, its a great tool for creating books.

Here is a link to the Family Book Creator Press Release

If you haven't looked at this or tried it yourself, here is a really neat chart of the work flow between the Family Tree Maker program and the output. I have created several books myself. In fact, I am working on another right now.


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Friday, July 29, 2016

Getting a replacement copy (post on Facebook)

I don't normally do this, but if you are a Family Tree Maker user and are not on Facebook, this might be of interest to you;

For any users needing a replacement for FTM 2014 or Mac 3, we have set up a completely automated online Replacement Center. Whether you've had a hard drive crash, are moving to a new computer, or just need to reinstall FTM but your activation code doesn't work anymore, you can use the Replacement Center 24 hours a day to get a fresh copy. Here's how:
Getting a Replacement Download
1. Go to
2. Click "for additional assistance" at the bottom of the page.
3. Click the Replacement Center tile.
The Replacement Center checks that you have a copy of FTM 2014 or Mac 3 registered with Ancestry and then provides you with a free fresh link by email. You will also be given an option to purchase a backup disc for $10 or a USB backup drive for $14. Note that what you get will be a full free-standing installer, so it won't be looking for your old copy, a disc, or anything else.
You will also notice that the replacement copy installer doesn't ask you for an activation code. That's because we don't use them. Why? Well, we don't like them ourselves, so we decided a long time ago we weren't going to torment our customers with them. Instead, we use this old-fashioned thing called the honor system. It's been working pretty well for us for more than two decades now, so don't expect us to be changing that any time soon

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