Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Reader Question: Duplicate Facts

A Reader Question:

Is there a way to find duplicate facts on people without having to look at each individual person. As a example, I may have multiple Residence facts that occurred when I merged Census records at different times. I probably have multiple sources as well. If there was such a report, you could then go in to the specific person and delete the duplicates.
ANSWER: Short Answer is NO.

But, lets think about your example (Multiple Residence Facts):

I find many records that provide information for the Residence Fact. Mostly from Census Records, but City Directories, Newspaper Articles, Vital Records, Military Records provides us with information about where the person Resided at that specific time. That is NOT multiple residence Facts. They are Alternate Facts.

There are a couple of Census Records and Military Records in this list. I had to decide which is the Preferred Fact. I chose the 1940 Census Entry as preferred, because is got down to the City Level. I could have chosen the most recent entry, but that record provided the County Level.

I do know what you mean about seen a Preferred Fact and an Alternate Fact that have the SAME EXACT information, ALL fields. I suggest that you re-think just deleting the Duplicates. Consider the Merge Duplicate Fact feature. I have blogged about that before.

REASON: When you do a Web Merge, in FTM2019, you may not see all of the ALT Facts for a specific Fact, so you may end up with the Same Alt Fact. BUT, the Alt Fact you didn't see during the Web Merge will have a Citation and the one you did see, during the Web Merge has a Different Citation. Deleting that "duplicate" will also delete the Citation. Using the Merge Duplicate Fact feature, Right Clicking on the Fact Name, will merge the Facts and Citations, both of them (citations).

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Friday, January 10, 2020

Research Log

Yesterday, I gave a presentation to a local group, talking about our Desk Top Genealogy Software, The Sub-title was Which is the BEST Genealogy Desk Top software program ? My answer is "It Depends" (to quote a dear Genealogy Speaker and friend, Judy G Russell, The Legal Genealogist. The title of the talk was Why I chose Family Tree Maker.

Of course I have been using it for a long time, since 1996 and Version 3.4 at I recall, and I blog about it, so there must be something about it that makes it different from the others. The biggest reason is the Workspace concept that was introduced in FTM2008, when the program moved from a DOS base program into Windows.

While I have been using the program, I also have been involved with assisting in teaching and learning the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS). I might note, that I have NO Brick Walls because of GPS. Just look at Step 1.

Today, I was reading a Blog Post, Organize Your Family History by Janine Adams. Her recent blog post My "good enough" Research Log caught my attention. Mostly because, in my talk, I mentioned the Research Log that is part of Family Tree Maker and I used that feature as an example of why I think this program sets it apart from other Genealogy Programs. Please read Janine's Blog Post.

My normal data entry, ALL within the People Workspace, Person View, gives my quick access to two important items. The RESEARCH LOG and my ToDo List for the Profile that I am doing dataentry for. I do NO Data Entry in the Tree View, ALL in the Person View.

When entering new information into my database, for a new person or an existing person is the Citation. Absolutely the FIRST thing that I do. Immediately after that is to Enter data into the Research Log. Absolutely the SECOND thing that I do. Once I got into that habit, I can almost tell that I forgot something. Cite my Source, Research Log, then go from there.


The Citation FIRST gets me into the habit of analyzing the information that I am about to enter into my database. It takes the most time to Craft a Citation (ALWAYS using the Source Template Feature), but I really have to Look at and Analyze what I am about to enter into my file.

From that Source Workspace, I click on the Link or Add a Link to the Profile for that Record I am entering into FTM2019. From there, I click on the Note Tab, which has the Research Log, and make a "good enough" Research Log Entry. Basically the DATA and the Record that was the Citation that I crafted. Most of the time, especially when the Record has more than one Person / Profile on that record. Then I will add the Profile's name. Nothing more, nothing less. I do that so that I can look at the FACTS and the Citations on the Fact to get more detail about what the Research Log is all about.

I can see the Facts that have been entered, with the Research Log below. That first entry in the Research Log was a Revolutionary War record. Looking at the Facts, I can see the Citation on the Right, for that Research Log Entry.

You may note that the Research Log is in a Bullet List, with the Date and Record, in Date Order. The Date or order of entry is not important, but I know WHEN I make that entry and can look at the Citation, with a Link to the Record, right there on the screen.

Note, that my "good enough" Research Log is the Positive stuff that I have done. Mostly from Hints. On that same screen, is the Task Tab or ToDo List for that profile.

The Task List or ToDo list tells me right away, what I need to resolve, things I need to do for that person. In this example, there are TWO Tasks that I have completed. I mark my completed Tasks with "RESOLVED" and how I resolved or completed the Task. I still have two items to complete.

I mentioned that I do ALL of my Data Entry from the Person View, so that I have quick access to My Research Log and ToDo List. Many items in the ToDo List / Task List can only be Resolved by a Record, Conflicting Information for example. I mark, in the ToDo List Conflicting Information.

Bottom line, for the Research Log, I can easily see what I have done, in the order which I did it. I know where to look to see what information I found on that Records, have a mouse click away from that record, all from that screen in Family Tree Maker.

For my "good enough research log" works for me.

Thanks Janine for your Blog Post

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Friday, January 3, 2020

Question from a Reader: Print List of Duplicate People

And here is the Reader's Question:
Can you print a copy of the duplicate list of people - this would be most helpful if you can. I have Version 2019
The short answer is No, there isn't a way to print a list of Duplicate People.

The good news is that you can SAVE that list after reviewing it, make changes, like indicating that these are NOT duplicate profiles. Saving the list will allow you to pick up where you left off.

I will have to look at my files to see if I have a good example of that and make a blog post.

Thank you for the question and the topic for a future blog post. Before I answered this question I did look at my working files and didn't see any.

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