Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Reader Question about Paste Duplicate vs Paste Link to Citations

A Reader Question about Citations:

When or under what circumstances do you use "Paste Duplicate Source Citation" vs "Paste Link to Source Citation"?

This is a great question and I have not posted about the differences, only how I use those options. Sorry, I haven't done that until now.

What am I talking about or what is the Question about ?

In the People Workspace, Person View, Right Panel, where a Fact is selected and you want to add a Citation to that Fact.

First, I do not link the term "Source Citation".It appears to be one thing, two words, but it is really TWO things, a Source and a Citation. "Source, Citation" with the comma, to indicate two things. 

This "New" button's pull down menu has 4 options:
  • Add New Source Citation
  • Use Existing Source Citation
  • Paste Duplicate Source Citation
  • Paste Link to Source Citation.
The first one, "Add New Source Citation", is really two steps, Create or add a New Source (Source Group), then Add a Citation to that Source and Link the Citation to a FACT.

The "Use Existing Source Citation" is where you Select an Existing Source (from the Source Group List in the Left panel), and Selecting an existing Citation from the Source's group of Citations.

An example us of this option, is that you have a Citation already and you want to add or link the SAME Citation to a new or different Fact. The ICON to the Right of "New" does the same function, Copy the highlighted Citation. You then would PASTE Link to the Source Citation, or the 4th item on that pull down menu. Remember this is a special, Family Tree Maker "clipboard" used for Copying and Pasting.

The Paste Duplicate Source Citation option, or third on the list in the menu, is similar, but the use for this is when you are going to EDIT the Citation Detail field creating a New Citation, in the SAME Source Group. OR, I want to make a Duplicate Citation, but I will Edit the Citation Detail creating a New Citation. Example: I want to change the NAME of the Person of Interest, in this new Citation.

I have a routine, where I will look at a Profile, but need to really view it when I have time. I created a Fact called "Profile Reviewed". That Fact is marked Private, as I am the only one who will see that fact, and have a Citation:
Worthington, Russ, [ ADDRESS FOR PERSONAL USE ], Profile Review; Reviewed 04 September 2019.

A year later, I find that I need to review it again. Usually after a Merge, or I have Conflicting Information. So, I Select the Copy Citation ICON (to the right of New), then use the Paste Duplicate Source Citation option, in the New Menu, then EDIT that new / copy of the Citation and change 04 September 2019 to 16 September 2020, creating a New Citation.

Worthington, Russ, [ ADDRESS FOR PERSONAL USE ], Profile Review; Reviewed 16 September 2020.

Taking this one step further, I have three more Profiles,  then can Copy the Citation (ICON to the right of New),  with the 16 September 2020 date, so it is in the Family Tree Maker clipboard, then go to the 2nd profile, where I am doing the same thing, adding a "Profile Reviewed" Fact, and Click New, and PASTE Existing Link to the Source Citation. Repeat the Adding of the Fact and the PASTE Existing Link to the Source Citation to the next two Facts for the three profile.


New - want to Create a New Source (Source Group) and Citation

Use and Existing Citation - have a Citation that needs to be added to another Fact, where you Select that Citation

Paste Duplicate Citation - want a Copy of a Citation to be edited, creating a NEW Citation in that same Source Group

Paste Existing Link to the Citation - adding a Link to an existing Citation

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