Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ancestry Member Tree Views

How to control the Settings in an Ancestry Member Tree for a View / Guest to that tree or as a Contributor or Editor to that tree.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Why I double enter Historic Place Names

In my previous blog post, I showed how I am able to identify my Colonial Ancestors.

Who are my Colonial Ancestors ?

What I hope to show this time, is the WHY I double enter the Place Name, besides the use of the Map.

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Who are my Colonial Ancestors ?

This video / blog post will show how I can identify my Colonial Ancestors. The use of the Filter feature (Filter In and Filter Out), and the double entry of Place Names.

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Where to get help at

I thought I would type a blog post on where to get help on the Family Tree Maker website. Please note that if you go to you will be re-directed to which is a very good thing. Your old bookmarks for Family Tree Maker will get you to where you need to be. Here

I have hi-lighted a couple of links on the page to be sure you check. The Family Tree Maker link on the Left, the Support Link, upper right, and the LINKS just above Discover your family story.

I may post more about the FAQ page, but you WANT to be on their Mailing List. I have tried to cross post the Newsletter but I am unable to. So, sign up.

FeedBack and Report a Bug are the next two links followed by Suggest a Feature.

They also have a link, if you are interested it being a Beta Tester for the program. This is an important opportunity to help Software MacKiev give is a great program once the "next" update or version is made available.

Finally, the System Requirements page. Most computers today meet those requirements, but it's worth a minute to make sure you computer meets those requirements.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

FTM2014 - End of Day - Source Group Clean Up

End of Day Clean Up:

Unlinked Source Group entries. These are User Created errors. I have created many of these myself, BUT I thought that I had cleaned them all up.

I will show you HOW to identify and remove these Unlinked (to Facts) Citations.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

FTM2014 - Back to Basics - Where to Get Help

Continuing the series on Back to Basics - This time, Where to get Help.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Mondays with Myrt Question - 24 Oct 2016

This is NOT a Family Tree Maker blog post.

From the 24 Oct 2016 Mondays with Myrt, our friend John Laws had this question:
Why does Ancestry add data on transcriptions not on the original documents & if a transcription looks off its probably mis-transcribed take a zoomed in look at whats actually witten down it'll probably be miss transcribed look at the 1881 census Registration district West Ham ED, institution, or vessel 12 Piece 1727 Folio 14 Page number 25 Can you see whats wrong and what's incorrectly implied?
Several of us tried to answer his question. After the Hangout, I went back to see if I could find out what the issue was / is.

The Record in question can be found here:

1881 England Census for Robert Laws - Essex, Leyton Low, District 12

This is the Transcription in Question

So that you can read it:

Name:Robert Laws
Estimated birth year:abt 1876
Relationship to Head:Son (Head) (Head)
Mother:Maria Fuller
Where born:Mile End
Civil Parish:Leyton LowCounty/Island:EssexCountry:England
Street address:1 Ebenezer Vil

Employment status:
Registration district:West HamED, 
institution, or vessel:
Page Number:25
Household Members:
Robert Laws5
Blanche Laws4
Arthur Laws3
Herbert Laws 
Maria Fuller66
Martha Kelly36
Mary Kelly9
Sarah Donald15
I bolded the items in question. 

To make sure we are on the right page:

and the right Household:

We see the image as transcribed. From the best that I can tell, for this is the first time looking at this type of record, the transcription is correctly transcribed. 

Still trying to understand Johns concern, I kept looking.

It's hard to show this, but Robert, age 5, is the Son of the Head of Household, BUT it listed where I would normally expect to find the Head of Household. So, John may be right. But, lets look at the "mother".

She is down the list, be is 66 years old, and clearly marked at "Mother" to the Head of Household.

This two may be why the question. A 5 Year Old, with a 66 Year Old mother.

So, if this was the only record I had to work with, I would probably have questions about the family.

John mentioned that he KNEW that Robert's mother and father were "at sea" during this time period, as his father was a mariner. When John said that, the questions went away. 

Maria Fuller66

Would have been the Mother to the Head of Household, or my interpretation Household Owner / Renter, and that

Robert Laws5

was the son of the absent Head of Household.

Unless I am still missing something, I think that the Transcription is in line with the attached image. The household, at the time, had 3 generations, with the Head of Household "at sea".

The Recording of this can be seen and hear at

Mondays with Myrt - 24 Oct 2016
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

FTM2014 - Back to Basics - Before "Sync Now"

Another in my Back to Basics series:

My Best Practice - Checks before Sync Now

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Friday, October 14, 2016

FTM2014 - Back to Basics - File Maintenance

FTM2014 - Back to Basics - My Best Practice for File Maintenance

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Why I like to follow Shaky Leaf Hints in FTM2014 (or FTM-3)

Here is an example of why I like to follow those Shaky Leaf Hints in FTM2014. I would not have found this record, if I hadn't followed this hint.

The record I found was a Census Record in 1880. The Transcription of the Surname was wrong. However, I will show you the reason that the transcription was probably correct.

Its the Dates, Places, AND, Relationships in my database that allowed be to quickly determine that this was My Record. In fact, it did clear up a couple of items on my To Do list but using this record.

The Search Engines at was the first "set of eyes" to find this record. A previous researcher the second set of eyes. The ability to take a view of the Family / Household allowed be to quickly determine that I really wanted to merge this 1880 Census Record into my database.

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

FTM2014 Plug In - Family Book Creator

I received an announcement that the Family Book Creator is now available in Spanish (Español) and French (Français) as additional output languages

This is a great plug in for FTM2014. I use is, have blogged about it, its a great tool for creating books.

Here is a link to the Family Book Creator Press Release

If you haven't looked at this or tried it yourself, here is a really neat chart of the work flow between the Family Tree Maker program and the output. I have created several books myself. In fact, I am working on another right now.


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Friday, July 29, 2016

Getting a replacement copy (post on Facebook)

I don't normally do this, but if you are a Family Tree Maker user and are not on Facebook, this might be of interest to you;

For any users needing a replacement for FTM 2014 or Mac 3, we have set up a completely automated online Replacement Center. Whether you've had a hard drive crash, are moving to a new computer, or just need to reinstall FTM but your activation code doesn't work anymore, you can use the Replacement Center 24 hours a day to get a fresh copy. Here's how:
Getting a Replacement Download
1. Go to
2. Click "for additional assistance" at the bottom of the page.
3. Click the Replacement Center tile.
The Replacement Center checks that you have a copy of FTM 2014 or Mac 3 registered with Ancestry and then provides you with a free fresh link by email. You will also be given an option to purchase a backup disc for $10 or a USB backup drive for $14. Note that what you get will be a full free-standing installer, so it won't be looking for your old copy, a disc, or anything else.
You will also notice that the replacement copy installer doesn't ask you for an activation code. That's because we don't use them. Why? Well, we don't like them ourselves, so we decided a long time ago we weren't going to torment our customers with them. Instead, we use this old-fashioned thing called the honor system. It's been working pretty well for us for more than two decades now, so don't expect us to be changing that any time soon

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why I like Find-A-Grave Hints and use the Web Merge Feature

Here is a video demonstrating why I like to follow an Find A Grave Index HINT and use the Web Merge Feature within Family Tree Maker

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

FTM2014 - Starting a New Tree from Scratch

This is a re-recording of my last post that had no sound. It is also long.

This Blob Post is how I started a New Family File, so there may be some more information and work that is done in a new file.

This file is being created to see if I can find enough information to create a 5 or 6 generation book in celebration for a farm's 100th anniversary in Long Valley, New Jersey. So, I thought I would record some portions of how I proceed with this project.

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Creating a new file from scratch

Creating a new file from scratch to see if I can find enough information to trace a family back a couple of generations. This one is not short like I usually do, but spend some time talking about the details when creating a new file and doing a Web Merge with a Census Record

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

FTM2014 - How I handle Hints in a 5 Generation Tree

I have talked about managing Hints by searching by Record Groups. Now I have added another Hint Management system to my Genealogy Tool Box. Hints using the F.A.N. Club, or by Direct Descendants for a person. In this case, my Great-Grandfather's children.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

FTM2014 - Merging of Two People

Resolving conflicting information, when the image was verified, the most recent information was not clear, but the review showed that I needed to Merge two people.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

FTM2014 / FTM-3 - When Merging a record, Look at the Record

When merging a record from, take a minute to actually look at the record. I would have missed so much information, if I had just done a Quick Click Web Merge. My example is within FTM2014, but the same would happen if I had done the Merge in my Online Tree

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Friday, May 6, 2016

FTM2014 - The importance of looking at the Records

An example of looking at the Records.

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FTM2014 - Clean Up after 1910 Census Record Merge

After any Web Merge, I have clean up work to do. I have a number of blogs about this in the past, but thought I would talk about it again, but this time in a video.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

FTM2014 - Why I do my Merging of Records in FTM2014 / FTM-3

There are a number or reasons why I do ALL of my merging of data, mostly from Shaky Leaf Hints, into Family Tree Maker from my PC.

  • Easier control of WHAT data is included in the Merge and how each Fact is handled
  • Easier to Add Facts from data in the record, what is not included in the merge
  • Easier to add Citations to the manually entered Facts
  • Two links directly back to the original Record on Ancestry
  • A copy of the image, when the record includes an image

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

FTM2014 - How I manage AMT Hints within FTM2014

Some people have seen and/or heard my Information Overload, So Many Hints, So Little Time. (just added that ending piece).

With Changes that has made recently, I had to modify how I work with those hints. I thought I would share how I manage those hints now.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

FTM2014 - Web Merge from the Find A Grave website

How I handle the Web Merge feature from the Find A Grave website.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

FTM2014 / FTM-3 Clean Up Media Categories after a Merge

After a merge of a part of one Family Tree Maker file, into the file I am working on, I had the expected clean up to do, but found a clean up that I had NOT expected to find.

That is that I had many Media Categories from the other file that had media files in, that are not used in the file I am working on. There is no utility / command to clean up unused Media Categories.

I think I found a work around for that and will demonstrate that in this video.

If you think we need this type of feature, please visit, then Family Tree Maker and select Suggest A Feature.
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Sunday, March 27, 2016

FTM2014 / FTM-3 - Citing an Email after merging of a file

Working on a new file, I wanted to merge a portion of my Master file into this new file. Worked as expected, but what I hadn't done in the Master file was to put information in an email into the Source Template format. This video is how I took the existing Source material and created the Source into the Template, then created a Citation and moved that Citation into the Source Template as a new citation.

Please understand that this is my working file with information on a cousin, so the images may not be as clear as you might like, but I tried to talk you though the steps.
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Thursday, March 10, 2016

FTM2014.1 import into Roots Magic 7

You may or may not know that Roots Magic now has the capability to Import a FTM2014 and earlier file, directly into Roots Magic.

HOWEVER: If you have the new patch from MacKiev, ( FTM2014.1) you may have an issue.

Don't Panic.

Do a File, Export and Select FTM2012

Here is a link to the Roots Magic Help Desk that will help you.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Keyword Search on a Blog

As a blogger, not a good one, but one none the less, I try to make sure that a reader of the blog can find what they are looking for. Now, there are some limitations in what I can control, but I use Blogger because of the Google Search Engine to help the reader find stuff.

I have the list down the left side, base on Family Tree Maker Version Number, the Workspace that the article is about, and the next level within that Workspace. So a Family Tree Maker user, understanding the Workspace concept should / hopefully be able to find stuff. Then I add specific topics, at the bottom. So, there are many "tags" to help you find what you might be looking for.

Google relies on Keywords, at least that is my experience, to search on. I start small, one or two words and narrow down the results based on what is returned.

Blogger helps me with that, but showing me what people are searching for on the blog, from that Search Box on the Left, at the top. I do check that from time to time, to make sure the reader can find what they are looking for.

I want to Share what I saw just now.

Sorry folks, I can't guess, how you might search. I don't think that a Blog Search field wants to see sentences. In looking at these (just now) results, any ONE of those words, one or two at most, would have returned results. I think that I have blog posts about most, if now all, of those single word searches.

I try.

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An Observation in Ancestry Member Trees (AMT)

Not too long ago, FTM2014 "told me" that someone was using a number of my photos from my Ancestry Member Tree.

I noticed something unusual earlier in the week, but wasn't sure what it was. I had some activity in my online tree, that I hadn't done. I don't work on my file Online. All from within FTM2014. For the most part, they were my own photo's from other of my Online Trees. The Sync Report told me that they had been added to the Online Tree. I let it go.

BUT, I just had another SyncNow indication that there was activity in my Online Tree. Now, I have been working on my file most of the day, had even visited the Ancestry Member Tree a couple of times. What was going on >>>

Well. When I just ran the SyncNow feature and there was another image.

The good news it tells me that the image came from the online tree, I know who it was attached to, BUT, it says that I [ rworthington ] added the New Media File. Sorry, that is NOT my image.

I did go to the AMT and do know who has that image. Now, that should be good news, in that we both have the SAME person in our Online Tree.  The BAD NEWS is that "I Stole it" according to my SyncLog.

Ancestry has added that image to MY Online Tree. I know without MY permission, and I would guess without the other persons knowledge as well.

So, what I had been seeing earlier, people "stealing" my photos, was really

This is ONLY MY Observation and I am reporting what appears to be happening.


I had observed this issue from within FTM2014 and blogged about it here

FTM2014 - Plan Workspace - Something to Watch for

Now I know HOW that happened.

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Paying attention to the Details, pays off

One  of the things I try to pay attention to is the dates when a Historical Place Name changes.

In my ToDo list, I have a list of States that are in the current database listing when they became a state and what the area was called before it became a state. But, that was just for me, in my FTM2014 file.

I have this file sync'ed to an Ancestry Member Tree. I use that tree for managing my Shaky Leaf hints. Well it payed off, in a way that I hadn't expected.

I had Samuel in the 1860 Federal Census. I knew when Kansas become a State. In 1860, the locate was in the Kansas Territory. I then found is Civil War Registration as living at the same place, but the registration date was in 1862.

When I looked at the tree on, in his time line was this entry. Earlier in 1862, Kansas became a State.

This one entry is a pay off, for me at least, for paying attention to those details, and have that information in my database very handy to look it up.

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It's here! Family Tree Maker is BACK

It’s here! Family Tree Maker is BACK.

All of us here at Software MacKiev are happy to be taking up where Ancestry left off with Family Tree Maker, the most widely used family history software of all time. We have completed a small update to get the product back on the market and are pleased to let you know its available RIGHT NOW.

About our new FTM updates
We have started with Ancestry’s FTM 2014 and FTM Mac 3 and, as a company of engineers, we set our focus on stability and performance improvements. So we swatted down some bugs. And we made the application more responsive – you will find some actions that previously took minutes now take seconds.

New features
We managed to sneak in just a few surprises, like 100 beautiful new backgrounds you can use to make professional looking charts and reports. And we’ve integrated a service for printing high resolution genealogy charts through the good folks at Family ChartMasters. It’s a modest start, but we hope you will be happy with our new updates.

We made sure that our new updates are completely compatible with the latest operating systems (Windows 10 and El Capitan). We’ve also made sure that your old trees will open seamlessly. That there is nothing to move. That your Ancestry account if you have one will continue to work with the new versions. And that TreeSync and all the other things you have come to like about FTM are still there for you.

Where to Buy... and more

See below how to get the updated editions, and some other information you may find useful.
Thanks to all of you who have welcomed us so warmly. It means a lot to us. A new chapter in Family Tree Maker’s long and proud history begins today!


Jack Minsky
Software MacKiev

New FTM 2014.1 and Mac 3.1

How to get the updated editions

What you will get and when depends on what FTM version you currently have:

1. Users of FTM 2014 and Mac 3: Hang in there! FREE updates are coming. They will be available in about a week or so through the built-in update feature. We will send you an email to let you know as soon as they are available.

2. Users of older FTM editions: No matter how old your copy of FTM is, or whether its running on Windows or Mac, you can download an upgrade for $29.95 (vs. $69.95 regular price). Click here to take advantage of this limited-time upgrade offer today.

3. New users: If you have never owned a copy of Family Tree Maker before, for a limited time, you can download a full edition from our online store for $49.95 by clicking here (vs. $69.95 regular price).

 Additional Offers:
  • Family Tree Maker users who do not currently have an subscription, will be offered a 14-day free trial.
  • If you would like a backup disc, you can purchase a CD in a jewel case for an extra $10 including shipping and handling.
Family Tree Maker®

1. FTM Home Page
Most everything you will need to know can be found on our Family Tree Maker home page:
There you can:
  • Read our FAQ
  • Provide Feedback
  • Report a Bug
  • Suggest a Feature
  • Sign up to be a Beta Tester
  • Learn about FTM
  • Check the System Requirements

2. Technical Support
To get technical support for any version of FTM, please start here:
We are sharing responsibility for the rest of this year with but the Software MacKiev support site is the best place to start. We’ll direct you from there to the right place to get the help you need.

3. Any Questions?
If you have questions for us, please first read our FAQ as we’ve tried to answer the most common ones there. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for in the FAQ, please send your question through our Feedback Form which you’ll find on our FTM Home Page (see #1 above). Thanks!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Announcement of Ancestry about Who Do You Think You Are

New season premieres Sunday, April 3 at 9/8c

The two-time Emmy nominated series WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? returns this spring to follow more of today’s most beloved and iconic celebrities as they embark on personal journeys of self-discovery to trace their family trees. The series continues to deliver unbelievable stories from crucial moments in history, including a number of firsts for the series, such as a male witch hunt, and traveling to Portugal, Sweden and Ellis Island. Executive Produced by Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky, the new season premieres Sunday, April 3 at 9/8c.

The contributors featured in the upcoming season include:

  • Scott Foley finds a relative who risked his life for one of America’s founding fathers, and an ancestor who suffered unspeakably during one of this nation’s darkest times.
  • Lea Michele nails down where her mysterious paternal ancestors came from, and learns of the dire economic circumstances they endured while trying to emigrate to the U.S.
  • Chris Noth learns his ancestors suffered during one of the greatest catastrophes in American history, and a relative who fought in one of the bloodiest battles of all time.
  • Molly Ringwald explores family lore of Swedish royalty which uncovers her ancestors’ harrowing lives and a brave woman who forever changed her family’s fate.
  • Katey Sagal is shocked to learn of her family’s Amish roots, and digs deeper as she realizes the level of dedication to their faith.
  • Aisha Tyler tracks down her 2x great-grandfather, whose story had been lost over generations, and uncovers an astonishing tale of a prominent ancestor whose struggle to keep his illegitimate son a secret made headlines.

Ancestry, the leading family history company, is teaming up again with TLC as a sponsor of the upcoming season. As part of the show sponsorship, Ancestry provides exhaustive family history research on each of the featured celebrities to help make discoveries possible and build out the story of each episode.

The series is produced for TLC by Shed Media and Is or Isn’t Entertainment, and is based on an original format created by Wall to Wall Media and Alex Graham. More information can be found at ‘Like’ Who Do You Think You Are? on and follow @WDYTYA on Twitter.

FTM2014 - How is this better than a research log ?

One of my blog readers, Stephanie, ask how is FTM2014 better than a research log. I was trying to explain how I use FTM2014 do to my research.

I thought a short subject video might make it easier to explain.

Thank you for the Question and the tine to do the recording.
Copyright © 2016 by H R Worthington

Friday, February 26, 2016

FTM2014 - WebMerge Feature Update with Ancestry

I haven't seen this before, but have blogged about it. That is, a Census Record where the household is over two pages on that record. Before, you had to manually download and attach that 2nd image.

Yes, I will do a view of this in the very near future, but wanted to get the word out.

I did a Web Merge for a Household on page 1B, lines 97 to 100. But the Web Merge process included two more names. The Transcript show that full household as it should.

That is 6 people on 4 lines, but I was merging 6 people so I knew I would have to download that 2nd image, as in the past.

When I did my normal clean up after a Web Merge, I found the proper citation in the Sources Workspace, for that 1920 Source Group.

The correct, for Ancestry, citation AND the 2nd page of that census record was merged.

Thank you Ancestry and Family Tree Maker for fixing that problem.

Copyright © 2015 by H R Worthington

Friday, February 19, 2016

Relative Race, new genealogy-based competitive reality show, premiering on Feb. 28

I received this from, requesting that I share it on my blog.

We are working with a brand new TV show, an original family history-based competition reality show titled Relative Race, that has been described as Amazing Race meets Who Do You Think You Are.

Premiering on Sunday, February 28 at 8pm ET/6pm MT/5pm PT on BYUtvRelative Race features four married couples as they travel across the US in search of long lost relatives, armed with only paper maps, a rental car, a $25 per diem and a flip phone. Using the science and technology provided by AncestryDNA, the couples embark on a journey that starts in San Francisco, ends in New York City and leads them to unknown relatives along the way. Cameras follow all four teams as they drive across the country -more than 4500 miles- in just ten days, stopping each day to complete a challenge and find (and stay with) their newly discovered relatives in a different city. At the end of each day, the team that finishes last receives a strike; after three strikes, teams are eliminated and the remaining teams travel to NYC for the grand finale where there is a $25k grand prize for the winning couple.

As you know, genealogy is a real hot button topic right now. Perhaps your audience would find this series to be both timely and entertaining.

The host, and EP of the show, Dan J. Debenham, as well as one of the couples, are available for interviews. They will be able to talk about some of the research that the show did prior to production about the genealogy and DNA testing, as well as some of the experiences that the couples had during their journeys. In each city, they are meeting complete strangers (and staying in their homes) that are related to them in some way. There are a couple of really emotional moments that happen along the way, especially with The Browns, an interracial couple with a 20 year age difference who also happen to be quite an interesting pair. (Here is their audition tape to give you an idea.)

Attached is some background information on the series; here is a link to the Relative Race website and a screener: (Password: "relative"). 
Look forward to hearing from you!


Michelle Prince, Thatcher+Co.
Phone: 914-523-8937
Fax: 646-607-6767

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Another View of the Future of Family Tree Maker

I invite you to read a blog post by Tamura Jones and his interview with the folks at

Interview with Software MacKiev president Jack Minsky

Copyright © 2015 by H R Worthington

Friday, February 5, 2016

Initial Observations of the new home for Family Tree Maker

Another home for Family Tree Maker.

As a long time user of Family Tree Maker, I need a genealogy program to track where this program has been over those years. My initial reaction is that of excitement. Remembering that I am not at home but at RootsTech 2016, I did think that I would give a brief, few comments about the new company.

First, look at the website for MacKiev

The fact that our program is front and center on the Website. I am not seeing the focus on selling me a subscription to That wasn't an issue for me in the past because I had Ancestry and Family Tree Maker, so I wasn't looking to "buy something".

Having said that, as a retired person with many years of customer support in the telecommunications industry, I have an understanding and concern about US, the user.

What I am expected here, is that the folks we may be contacting for help and support, will have people who KNOW the program. Not that's customer support weren't very helpful with the problems that we might have, but they may not be as experienced in how the Program Worked. The good new now is that they will know the Program.

Now, and only time will tell, I am not expecting that they will know how to do genealogy. I am sure that while developing Family Tree Maker for the Mac, they learned some skills on how we do our research. So, I am not going to them to help me do my research, but how the software works.

The second piece of their website that caught my attention is that they ARE AT #RootsTech2016. Why would they be here, the DAY AFTER the announcement they are here meeting their new users / customers. Where else could you find out about how their users use the program, but to be here where there will be thousands of genealogists.

I AM EXCITED would the future of the Family Tree Maker program.

One User's opinion.

Copyright © 2016 by H R Worthington

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Family Tree Maker Options

Posted by  on February 2, 2016 in Family Tree Maker
Since our Family Tree Maker announcement last December, we have continued to actively explore ways to develop and support Family Tree Maker and ensure you have choices to preserve your work in ways that matter to you.
Today, I am pleased to announce two options for desktop software that will work with Ancestry.
Software MacKiev
Software MacKiev, with whom we have a long-standing relationship, is acquiring the Family Tree Maker software line as publisher for both Mac and Windows versions. Software MacKiev has been the developer of Family Tree Maker for Mac for more than six years and is thrilled at the opportunity to publish future versions of Family Tree Maker for Mac and Windows.
This new agreement means you will receive software updates and new versions from Software MacKiev, and have the ability to purchase new versions of Family Tree Maker from Software MacKiev as they are released. You will have continued access to Ancestry Hints, Ancestry searches, and be able to save your tree on Ancestry with Family Tree Maker moving forward.
We have made an agreement with RootsMagic, a leading genealogy desktop software program publisher, to connect Ancestry with the RootsMagic software by the end of 2016. With this new relationship, RootsMagic can serve as your desktop family tree software, while having access to Ancestry hints, Ancestry searches, and the ability to save your tree on Ancestry.
These new agreements will make it possible to preserve your work on Ancestry and Family Tree Maker, and enable future features and benefits to help you discover your family history. Be assured that Ancestry, in cooperation with Software MacKiev and RootsMagic, will continue to support you as you discover your family history.
We ask for your patience as we work diligently through all the details to make these solutions available. Be sure to check back here on our blog as we share more information about Family Tree Maker in the next few months.
For more information on Software MacKiev and RootsMagic, click below:
- See more at:

Monday, January 25, 2016

Family Tree Maker Version 16 to FTM2014

update.gif 2.5K

STATUS; Family Tree Maker Version 16 to FTM2014. 
The issue of missing notes, when importing a file from Version 16 into FTM2014 (Very Specific Version Number) has been duplicated by Ancestry. No word or commitment on a resolution to this problem.
IF you are trying to go from Version 16, I suggest you use FTM2012 first. If you also have FTM2014, then you can open the FTM2012 file with FTM2014. Verify your Notes are in FTM2012 before you open that same file with FTM2014.
IF you are a Version 16 user, and are thinking of moving to FTM2014, go to and use the FEEDBACK Button (it's green) on the right to let them know.

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