Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Transfer Old Computer to New, Version 16 to 2009

So, I have a new computer and want to move my Version 16 (or earlier) of Family Tree Maker, to my New computer with Version 2009. How do I do that?

On the New Computer, Install both Family Tree Maker Version 2009 AND Version 16 (or earlier). The reason is that Version 2008 and 2009 will NOT read or open a Back Up file from Version 16 or earlier.

The method suggested here will ensure that any Scrapbook Items in Version 16 or earlier will be moved to the new PC then opened by version 2008 or 2009. The new versions do NOT read and open the Family Tree Maker Compressed Back Up (FBC) files. This is a work around for that issue. Also, it will provide a known working Back Up file, on the CD used to transfer the file.

First, Open Family Tree Maker Version 16 (or earlier) on the Old computer. There are two Utilities in these versions to help maintain the file. Go to any Family Page and run these two Utilities:

CTRL+ALT+C = FileCompression. This does some file maintenance, re-index the file, remove any unused file space.

CTRL+ALT+SHFT+UpArrow = FileChecker. When you see the "Start" button in the pop up window, click Start. If there are any errors in the file, they will be reported.

IF there are errors reported, run this Utility from any Individual's Family Page:

CTRL+ALT+SHFT+LeftArrow = FileChecker with Fixer. This utility will attempt to resolve any errors report.

Please go to this website:

Enter 1396 into the "Keyword Search" box and read that Knowledge Base Article. It should help you with this Error Message, and describe how to use the LOG file.

Once this has been performed,

Figure 55

Click on File [#1], the Back Up [#2]

Figure 56

Select Writable CD Drive. Make sure that you have a CD in your drive. At the end of that process:

Figure 57

Now move to the New computer.

First Install Family Tree Maker Version 16 onto that new PC. Remember that Version 2008 and 2009 will NOT read the Compressed Back Up (FBC) file that was created by version 16. Now do a File, Restore from Back Up in Version 16. That will create a Family File (FTW) on your new PC.

Close Family Tree Maker Version 16.

Install Family Tree Maker Version 2008 or 2009 onto the New PC. It should normally open that existing Version 16 Family File and create a New, Version 2008 or 2009 Family File. All Family information and scrapbook items will be imported into 2008 or 2009.

If that does not happen, then continue.

Figure 60

Click on File [#1], Open (not shown) and select the Family File [#2] that you just put onto the new PC.

Please read previous posts on this Blog to continue from here.

To help with the File Name Extensions used in the Blog, go to the Knowledge Base Website article 1719

Knowledge Base Article 1507
will provide more details on Backing up a Family File.

Knowledge Base Article 2647 will provide more details on Restoring from a Back Up in Version 16.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Add Unrelated Individual

In the 1860 Census, the Hiram Deats Household included a couple of Unrelated Individuals. Specifically, Ann Johnson, who was a servant. (see Websearch #1, figure 15). To do this you first click on People, and select Person.

Figure 50

In the People, Person menu, click on Add Person, Add Unrelated Person. Figure 51 is the Pop Up window that will open,

Figure 51

Enter the Name, and in the "unknown" menu, select the sex of that individual. After clicking OK, the People, Person screen will be as follows.

Figure 52

#1 reflect the relationship between this individual (Ann Johnson) and the Home Person, Hiram Deats. In this case there is no direct relationship (that is known at this point) between the two. The 1860 Census indicated that Ann was 25 years old at the time of the Census. This would make her birth date about 1835. That is entered in the Right Hand (RH panel) and once entered will be reflected at #2.

Continuing with citing the Source, the #3, New Source, is clicked, using an Existing Source-Citation in the New menu, the Source-Citation window is opened #4, and the first item is the Source-Citation is selected as it was the Hiram Deats household in the 1860 Census. This it talked about in the Source-Citation blog entry.

Figure 54

(note: there is no Figure 53)

The complete listing is above. #1 is the name, hi-lited in grey in the Left and name in the tree in the Center Panel. #2 again reflects the relationship with the Home Person, and #3 shows the birth year.

How to add an Unrelated Individual Knowledge Base Article

Monday, October 20, 2008

Add FACT Information

From the Web Search #3 Screen, it was noted that Hiram Deats was listed as a Foundryman. To include this Occupation FACT.

Figure 46

Clicking on the Green Plus sign (#1), will open a new FACT Pop Up window, where you will use the scroll bar
[#1] and select the fact to be added. In this case, will select Occupation.

Figure 47

This will open a new FACT form in the Right Hand (RH) Panel.

Figure 48

Typing [#1] in the date (for the Census year), then start typing the location, Franklin, please note that the Franklin information will be filled in, for be selected.

As to the Source-Citation [#2] the New, Select Existing Source-Citation, and the 1860 Census for Hiram Deats will populate the Source-Citation for that FACT.

Figure 49

The completed FACT entry is above.

More on Editing Information for an Individual can be found on the Knowledge Base website.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Source Usage Report

After doing some data entry from Family Tree Maker 2009 - Web Search #1, figure 15, there was a delay in getting back to completing that project. Needed to look at what I had entered from that print out. The Resource, Print would provide what had been done.

Figure 45

Clicking on Sources (#1) brings up the list of Source-Citations that have been entered. Selecting the Print (#2) button brings up a small window with "Print Source Usage Report", with the first Source-Citation (#3) hi-lited, brings up this report that can be printed.

#4 had Hiram Deats hi-lited. That was important for this, as it refers to the print out from Figure 15. #5 point to the full reference note.

What is hi-lited below is all of the Fact data that has been entered, including the names. The rest of the Figure 15 printout work can be completed.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Census Search for Females

A Websearch for any Marriage Records for Hiram Deats provided 3 results. (#1). Rebecca Deats was reflected in the 1860 Census Record in Web Search #1, Figure 15 is appears that Rebecca Higgins is the wife of Hiram Deats. Further documentation would be required.

Figure 42

Note #2 indicates that there is NO Web Merge for these three records. They will be manually entered and sourced.

Entering Rebecca Higgins into the Spouse of Hiram Deats and performing a Web Search would return no valid results, as the Last Name box in the Search field has Higgins in it. The Marriage Record (Figure 42) indicates the marriage in 1838, so in 1860, she would be a Deats.

Figure 43

Typing over Higgins with Deats returns the same record that is in Last Name return the 1860 Census. Figure 41 shows the Web Merge Screen.

Figure 43

#1 is the Name Fact in the Family File. Preferred is selected, but can be changed. Will keep that selection.

#2 is the Name what comes from the Web Merge and marked as Alternate Fact. Will keep that selection. Some of us prefer to record what is found in the record. Deats is what was in the record, but it is Not the birth surname.

#3 indicates what the Name Facts will look like following the webmerge.

The webmerge is completed, screen shots from an earlier post.

The other names in Web Search #1, Figure 15 will be entered to complete this household as of the 1860 Census.

Family Tree Maker 2009 - Source-Citation #2

Back in the Web Search #1, Figure 15, a list was printed, that contained the Household of Hiram Deats. The Web Merge did NOT include the individuals in that Household. Returning to that print out, The Post Office was listed in the printout but that information might be included in this file.

#1 shows where the manual entry is made. The Green Plus sign, to the right of Relationships, lets you Add FACTs. The Fact name Residence was selected. #1 is where Pittstown is entered. As the entry "pitts..." was entered, the Place Name Authority offered "Pittstown, Hunterdon, New Jersey, USA". This means that this is an existing place in Hunterdon County. That entry was accepted.

Figure 40

Since the information came from the Web Merge for Hiram Deats, that Source-Citation is in the Family File. Since this information, manually entered, came from that Census Image in Hiram Deats residence Fact, this new FACT can be Linked to the source-citation.

#2 is on the Source-Citation tab, clicking on the pull down menu, just to the Right of New, there are two selections. New or Use Existing Source-Citation. That is the the option selected. The pop-up window to the left is brought up. Selecting the correct Source-Citation is made. In this example, there is only one at this point, in this file.

The new Fact has been added and sourced.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Family Tree Maker Email Lists

There are a number of areas for support of the Family Tree Maker program. The first place to look is the HELP menu, withing the Family Tree Maker program.

Further online support can be found by clicking on Help, Online Help Center in most recent versions of the program. That will take you here:

Knowledge Base Websites or Online Help Center
Online Support for Family Tree Maker Version 16 and earlier

Online Support for Family Tree Maker Version 2008, 2009, and 2010


There are a couple of Email Lists that Family Tree Maker User's subscribe for Help, Ask Questions, or to help other users with the program.


Rootsweb FTM-Tech List

List information page



To subscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'subscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message

To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message

To subscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'subscribe' without the quotes in
the subject and the body of the message

To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in
the subject and the body of the message

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Family Tree Maker 2009 - Websearch - Manage Favorites

If you have been following this Blog, in the order posted, you may recall that additional information is needed for Hiram Deats, of Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Family Tree Maker Version 2009, has a feature to allow the User to add websites to Search from. Figure 36 has links to the program provided website. We users, may have other Subscription or Free Websites that are our Favorite search sites.

Figure 36

To Add to the Personal Favorite websites, click on New, and a window opens, where you can Paste the URL (Internet Address) into the top field, and enter the Web Site names that is meaningful to you.

Note: It is suggested that you actually go to the website and Copy the URL (Hi-lite the link in the Address field in your Brower) and hit the Control Key and the Letter C. (CTRL+C) into the URL Address field

Figure 37

The Manage Favorites button will allow the user to sort the Favorites.

Hi-lighting the Favorite in the Left Hand Panel, will take the user to that website. A Log In may be required to that website.

Figure 38

The difference here is that the Name would need to be typed in, as Family Tree Maker does not populate the search for fields.

Figure 39

As with Ancestry.Com results, selecting the result(s) of interest.

Of interest here, there are a couple of stories in the articles above. 1) Hiram's father, John Deats, is mentioned as having a Patent, and 2) A sad story about a Son being killed. (Two - ToDo Items here for follow up)

Family Tree Maker 2009 - Task List

In the Web Search #1 Blog, there were two hits / listings for the 1860 Census for Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Both listed Hiram Deats, born about 1810. That was the only information known at the start of this project. The previous blog shows how to perform a Web Search and Web Merge or another result on the initial list of hits.

This Blog will show how to create a Task List or To Do List. At the top of the list of results are seen in Figure 33:

Figure 33

Both results look similar. When looking at the 1860 Results screen, clicking on the View Image or details of the household (Figure 15) did not show or indicate the relationship between the Head of Household and the member of that household. Since, at this point, the Spouse of Hiram Deats is unknown, it is difficult to really determine which results was this Hiram Deats. Both hits were in Hunterdon County, both were born about 1810 in New Jersey. Not to want to complete the Web Merge with having enough information, but not wanting to ignore or overlook this result, AND not having enough time to do some more research, a Task, or To Do entry is created as a reminder.

Figure 34

Returning to the People, Person page and clicking on the Task button, opens a new screen in the bottom part of the center panel. Clicking on #1 (New) opens a New Task for .... (in this case Hiram Deats). A reminder of what the task is about is entered into #2. In this case, "Identify which of the 1860 Census results is This Hiram Deats" was entered. The Priority of the Task can be assigned, and an assigned Due Date can be entered, AND the task can be assigned a Category. Knowing that there may be more than one category going forward, one is created or selected. Not having any categories created yet, The Edit (#3) was clicked, which opened another window, Category, opened. Having none there, the Add (#4) button was clicked. "Follow Up" was entered. Clicking the OK on that screen created a new Task, for the Plan screen the next time Family Tree Maker was opened. It serves as a reminder that this needs to be resolve before the correct 1860 Census record could be entered.

Figure 35

This is the Plan screen that is the reminder, for Hiram Deats, to identify which of the 1860 Census record is the household that includes Hiram Deats.

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