Monday, April 30, 2018

Two FTM2017 Clipboards

Attempting to demonstrate the two FTM2017 Clipboards

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

How do I merge duplicate source citations ?

My answer to a Facebook Question about "How to Merge Duplicate source citations ?"

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Use of Task ToDo List Categories

This is a follow up on this blog post - - where I shared the results of a Facebook Poll on the use of Categories. This Video is how I use the Task or ToDo List Categories

This file is a new file and will show how I use the Task List in the Plan Workspace to help me stay focused on creating this new FILE.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

FTM2017 - Media and Task List Categories

Earlier today, I posted a Poll in the Family Tree Maker Suggested Innovations Face Book Group.
"Working on a Feature Request. Please indicate your use of Categories. Please choose ONE (1) option"
I did this to see if I should do a blog post or two on this topic. That is the Use of the Categories in the Plan Workspace or Task Tab in the People Workspace, Person View. These two features are a must for me, keeps me focused, on track, and can figure what I have or have not done. I wanted to see IF I should share my use of the two (2) categories and if so, what all should I share.

There are 756 people in that Facebook Group and the poll was open for 11 hours. Here are the results:

I set the poll so that those responding would only be able to select ONE response.

  • Media Categories Only: 28
  • Task List Categories: 0 (zero)
  • Both Media and Task Categories: 12
  • Neither; 6
and the bonus was "What are Categories?"

I think the Media Only and the "use both" were what I expected. The use of ONLY the Task List is also not a surprise to me. 

The majority of those responding, it appears, know the usefulness of putting the Media files into Categories. So, my focus, for a couple of future blog posts will be on the Task List / ToDo List Categories. The file I have open now had 3,500 Tasks / ToDo items in it.

I will attempt to explain why and how I use this feature. The hint for my use is "B.S.O." or Bright Shiny Objects.

If you, as a reader, responded to that poll. Thank you.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

FTM2017 Keyboard Shortcuts

While working on my last blog post, I was reminded that FTM2017 (and most earlier versions of the program) have Keyboard Shortcut key strokes. There is only a mention of this, on page 10 of the FTM2017 Companion Guide.

I had blogged about it "way back when" in 2011

Family Tree Maker Short-Cuts

I have that list, but really only use a couple of them. I may mention them shortly. BUT, the Frequently Asked Questions page, on the Family Tree Maker Website have an article that you might be interested in:

Keyboard Shortcuts in FTM 2017 for Windows

For the most part, normal Windows Shortcut Keystrokes are what I use.

  • F1 = Help (a must)
  • CTRL+A = Select All
  • CTRL+C = Copy
  • CTRL+V = Paste
  • CTRL+X = Cut
  • CTRL+Z = Undo
It's a matter of choice and what I am doing. For the most part, that other shortcuts are a mouse click away.

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People Workspace, Customize View FACTS from Person View

I saw a comment today about a feature that I tried a very long time ago, and was reminded as to why I don't use it. But, since I haven't blogged about this feature before, I thought I would do a blog post about it just to show that it is available.

In the People Workspace, Tree View, information about the high lighted person are in the Right Hand Panel and will display the Facts that you want to see in the Tree View.

Your screen may not have these facts, but I link to have the Burial Fact in the Right Hand Panel in the Tree View.

I added it by selecting the Custom View button, lower right corner of the Right Hand Panel.

A Menu will appear:

I selected Burial from the Left Panel, clicked on the Right pointing Arrow, to ADD the Burial Fact to the Right Hand Panel, and clicked OK. The result is:

I change the Facts in the Tree View based on the work that I am doing at the time. I do 99.9% of my data entry from the People Workspace, Person View.

I know that when I want to Add a new Fact, for a profile, I click on the Green Plus at the top  right of the Center Panel of the Person View, where the list of FACT will appear for me to choose from.

Works for me and I know that I can start typing the Fact I want to select, while that window is open. One letter, slowly, at a time. Works for me.

These are my normal features that I use all of the time. But, to the right of that green plus sign is a pull down menu. The FACTS that are in that Pull Down Window are the FACTS that have been selected for the Right Panel of the Tree View.

So, you don't have to start typing, just use that pull down menu. When you click the "More" button (high lighted item in the above screen capture) the menu from the Green Plus will appear.

My experience with this feature is that I don't always get that pull down menu (my fault) and found in easier just to start typing the Fact name. But, it would help remind me as to what Facts are displayed in the Tree View.

So, to add a new Fact, to that pull down menu, you need to go back to the Tree View and use the Customize View to add a Fact to that menu.

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