Sunday, June 28, 2020

Reader Question: Media Sort

Reader Question:

I have FT 2017. On an older version the photos in a persons media file could be arranged by the date of the photo. That doesn't work anymore. How can I arrange the photos by date without manually moving each one into position. Thank you.
Remember, you can Sort the Media files by Filename or Caption. So, your Filenaming can control the order of the media files and the way you Caption each media file will control the order they appear.

I have blogged about this (search for or scroll down the left column to Filenames. 

In the Media Workspace, I want to look at the images so that they appear by Person and in the Date order.


If no middle name or no suffix, it would be Surname-FirstName-YYYY-Event

The Caption is very similar

Firstname Middlename Surname Suffix - YYYY - Event

Note the Dash, Underscores, and Spaces. 

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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Reader Question - Citation Formatting Errors

Response to a Reader Question:

I just wrote (and erased) a long screed about the formatting errors I found in using a source template (SSDI) for the first time. Since the workarounds either didn't work or took a lot of extra time, I hesitate to use another template, especially for more complicated citations. Your stats show that you're a confirmed template user. How do you deal with the formatting errors that don't have a workaround, e.g. the disappearing italics in the reference note? Or do you recommend the basic citation format for those of us who'd like to deal only with errors caused by our own input?

I do not find formatting issues when using the Source Template Feature.

I have run a number of the Full Reference Notes onto the EvidenceExplained website. Exact in all cases NO, but really close most of the time.

The trick, for me, is the correct Source Template, based on WHERE I found the information, and the Citation Detail field for the Citation information required.

There are about 179 Source Templates, but in reality, I end up by using 3 or 4 ,because most of the data so far comes from an Online Website.

I do NOT loose italics, they are where they belong.

I always do my Citations immediately on data entry. I have also spent much time, getting some of my very old Citations, into a Source Template format. 
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