Friday, August 10, 2018

User Question

Since neither FTM sync (ancestry) or gedcom support media categories, how do I copy my 5000 media files in about 20 categories so that I can copy them to a NEW family file?

Simple, the FTM2017 FamilySync® Does include Media files. IF you hare having an issue with that feature, go to and use the Support Page, even better the LiveChat option

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

User Question: Multiple Marriages in an Outline Decendant Report (ODR)

A User Question:

How to indicate a second spouse on the Descendants Outline Report?

First, check the Companion Guide in the Help Menu, page 188

Help Menu, Search Tab, select Publish, Relationship Report, Outline Descendant Report.

The bottom line, is that Family Tree Maker does that for you. The indication is the "+" as the same "level" as the Husband (in this case)

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