About Me

This Blog was created to help me understand how to use the Family Tree Maker program. I also use it to help show others how to use the program based on a request on one of the Family Tree Maker message boards. Some times a picture is worth many words. I live in the beautiful North West corner of New Jersey that most people don't know exists in our beautiful state. (no exit numbers). I "retired" after 30 years with a major corporation but am busier now than when I was working "full time." After being in the United States Coast Guard, I lived in Maryland and then came back to my home state of New Jersey. I started my "collecting of ancestors" about 15 years ago (1996) when my youngest daughter gave me Family Tree Maker (version 3.4) as a gift to "give me something to do." Little did I know where this would lead me and the people I would meet. One of the features of Family Tree Maker, is the ability to create a User Home Page, taking information in the Family Tree Maker family file, and making it available online for others to find. Mine can be found here: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/w/o/r/H-R-Worthington/ I have a couple of other Blogs: My Tombstone  Collection: This blog is a result of taking pictures in Cemeteries. Most of these photographs can also be found on the Find-A-Grave website.  Some of the photographs are part of my Family Files and others are not. A Worthington Blog: Currently, I am attempting to capture and post the information that was published in a Worthington Newsletter. The information in those newsletters may lead to where to find specific information. Most of the information in these newsletters do not contain source-citation information. But the articles may lead to further discoveries. The queries that were included in the newsletters are also included. Thanks for stopping by. Comments always welcome. Russ

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