As you may know, a Blog entry is listed as the most recent post at the top of the list. This works well for personal journals or news blogs. It may also work for some Family History or Genealogy Blogs. I have been struggling with how to make this Blog a little more User Friendly and try to get various aspects of the User of Family Tree Maker easier to view.

Blogger (Blogspot.com) now allows us to have multiple pages, so I am going to see if this helps a little for finding out more about the Family Tree Maker program.

The use of Labels helps to identify specific topics of messages posted on a blog. We can also select a Label and see a listing of postings with that label. So, this is an attempt to help gather article by label for you from this Page on the blog.

There are links in these items that will take you to blog postings that address the Workspaces for Family Tree Maker Version 2010. Will expand this page to get in a little more detail for each of the workspace.

Version 2010 Workspaces
Please post a comment or feedback on how this is working for you.

Thank you,

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