Friday, October 2, 2009

Family Tree Maker: Webinar Recap

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Hello Everyone,
We want to thank you all for your questions and participation in the webinar for Family Tree Maker 2010. We had a great turnout, with about 2,000 of you participating live with us that night.
We answered as many questions as time permitted, and we’re sorry if we weren’t able to get to yours yet. But don’t worry, we’ve got a list of the questions asked during the webinar, and we’ll be posting here to answer what we can. Again, specific questions about errors or technical problems will be answered much more quickly if you email or give our customer support center a call.
We just wanted to briefly mention some of the more frequently asked questions here:
Q: Will the webinar be available for viewing at a later date?
A: Yes. We will have the archived webinar up on our site in a few days. When its available, you can find this webinar, and past webinars at The webinars can be found on both in the Help section and on under the Learning Center.
Q: What about phantom hints with the shaky leaves?
A: We are aware of this problem, and are working on getting things fixed. Right now the best thing is to be patient with us, or email for some help.
Q: There were lots of questions about functions in the program.
A: Many of those can be answered within the program itself, so you don’t have to wait for us to get back to you to get working on your family history. To get answers, go to the Help menu in Family Tree Maker, and there you will find the Training Tutorials and Online Help Center.
The tutorials are videos on your program that go over some of the basics of Family Tree Maker, and are great for visualizing what you want to do within the program.
The Online Help Center gives you access to the Getting Started Guide. This handy guide will help you begin your first Family Tree Maker project and master the program’s basic features. You can quickly navigate to the section you would like to see for the answers you are looking for.
Also in Online Help Center is a link to our free online database of Knowledge Base articles. These are often made up of answers excerpted from the Official Guide, and are updated often. These are a lot of the same answers Customer Support would provide–it’s the same set of information they work from when they’re answering your questions. By typing in a few key words of what you are looking for, such as “splitting trees” or “duplicate people,” a list of articles will display that you can browse through to find what you are looking for.
During the webinar, there were many more questions, and just to give you a heads up for what we’re working on to put in the blog post, keep your eye out for these new posts:
Book publishing
Source Citation
Transferring Files

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  1. Bought my First FTM package Ver 3.2 and have since then bought 8 upgrades over the years.

    My simple question, statement is...
    Are you ever going to hold the package for a couple of years and truly fix that current released package & during, lets say a 3 year break, then release a new decent product with a different interface.

    Once you seem to release the new package you seem to stop fixing the previous version & right now with the 2010 release, the 2009 still has numerous errors/hiccups that have not been delt with. Just like when the 2009 hit the streets we were encouraged to jump ship from the 2008 version as it was lets say unstable...

    So we the user have to buy the new package hoping that it will run better without the same hiccups as it's previous. I would like as I'm sure many others would too, to have the package fixed and fundimentally working before we are presented with the next 'New Version'

    I'm finding it rude how you abandon so quickly previous versions obviously hoping everyone will 'Upgrade'.


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