Friday, April 2, 2010

How To: Source a Book - Copy / Paste Source-Citation - A Short Cut

In How To: Source a Book a family book was found and it showed how to create a Source and Source-Citations from information from that book. As you might expect, there may be many Source-Citation entries to be done.

This post how to use a built in short cut to speed up this process.

In the notes, from the book, the wife, Rachel Pearl Johnston's father's name was mentioned. So, we want to add him to the file. For this example, the Add Father button, in the Mini-Pedigree navigation part of the People Workspace, Person Tab is used. With the pull down menu, to the Right of Add Father, the Add Father item is selected.

This will open an Add Father window, where the Name is added. Filling in that field, checking the Sex, Clicking OK will add the father's name to the file.

In the earlier Blog:How To: Source a Book a Source-Citation was created. Clicking on the Pull Down menu, to the Right of New, in the Sources tab, Use Existing Source Citation (CTRL+SHFT+S) will be used.

As before, a list of Source-Citations will be listed, letting the mouse hover over the Source-Citation, more information is provided. The high-lighted one, is the one from the previous Blog that referred to #338 Ellwood Palmer Strode.

The Link to Citation was selected for this Source-Citation. This Source-Citation has been added. Now another Fact, from that same Source-Citation is going to be added, and we want to Copy that Source-Citation to the 'next' Fact.

Right Clicking on that listed Source-Citation will bring up another piece of that Menu. Selection Copy, will be used to Copy that Source-Citation to the Next Fact.

The next Fact was added, in this case a Residence Fact, then using the pull down menu to the Right of New, will provide  the Paste Duplicate Source Citation option.

Completing that Paste, the Source-Citation is added to that Fact.

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