Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Use of Source Citation Template - LDS Film - Same Film, New Person

In  Use of Source Citation Template - LDS Film the steps were described to locate the appropriate Template for an LDS Film that had a Baptismal Record for Michael Hricz-Gyurik, some one in the Family File. Looking further, in that same Film, another record was found. This time it was for his sister, Joannes. However, this information was found on Page 133, Entry 27, in June 1862.

Because this information is on a Different Page, that would mean that a New Source-Citation would be created from the Same Source.

To add the Child, go to the People Workspace, Family Tab where you see Michael, Select Add Child:

A pop up window will open where the child's name is added, and the sex selected.

Going to Joannes Person Tab, Selecting the Name Fact, (center panel), the Source in the Right Panel, the Add New Source Citation is added. The reason that the Existing Source Citation is NOT used, is because this information is on a Different Page in the Source.

Selecting the Source, is the same as the previous most. Clicking on the Down Arrow on the Right of the Source title: will bring up the list of Sources. In this case, the Greek Catholic Church entry is selected.

 With the Source selected, the Citation Details and Citation Text is entered.

Notice the new (different) information for this Source Citation.

Returning to the Source Workspace, selecting the Greek Catholic Church Source, the New Source-Citation is listed, with the new Citation Details and Text.

Returning to the Publish Workspace, Relationship Collection, Family Group Sheet, we will see:

The new Source Citation is now listed for Joannes.

As before, a Link was added to Hiram (the father's name, as his name was listed) Name Fact, using the Link To Existing Source Citation, and selecting the new Source Citation.

Looking a little closer to the Family Group Sheet, you will see the subscript numbers pointing to the two Sources. #1 and #2 are to the right of Hiram's Name, while #1 is by Michael's, and #2 is by Joannes Name.

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