Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FTM2012 - Web Search - Add Site, Using Current URL

One of my search websites, is Find-A-Grave. I can always manually type in the URL into the Address Bar at the top of the Web Search Workspace. The "New" button, when clicked, will open the New Search Favorite window. You can enter the URL (Internet Address) and put the name of the Web Site, that you want to use and that makes sense to you.

In the Web Search Workspace, I entered into the Address field at the top of the Web Search screen.

The Use Current Site button, once clicked, will  copy that URL into the appropriate field. It will also populate the Favorite name field. In this case, I deleted some of the text that was put into that field. I just want it to say Find-A-Grave.

As you can see on the Left, there is a new link there.

When you enter the Web Search Workspace for the first time (after opening FTM2012), you will get to the normal search screen. Clicking on the new link, it will open, in this case, the Find-A-Grave website.

I have other Search Favorite sites. GenealogyBank,com and, as two examples. Here is how I manage this list of Favorites.

At the bottom of the Left Hand Panel, to the Right of the New button, just discussed, it what I can Manage this list. I can Move the selected site up or down, Sort favorites Alphabetically, and I can add another site from the Manage Favorite button.

Clicking on the New, will bring up the screen we saw earlier. Note, that I have set the Favorites to sort by name. I had NOT completed (clicked OK) this setting, which is why the list on the Left has not changed.

Having clicked OK, then select Genealogy Bank, clicked on GO, to the upper right of this screen, I am taken to the Genealogy Bank website.

This feature makes it easy to navigate to your other Favorite search websites.

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