Saturday, July 12, 2014

Changes Coming in October 2014 to Family Tree Maker

I saw the following on Facebook:
"We’re making updates that may impact your Family Tree Maker experience. Starting in October 2014, Ancestry Web Search within Family Tree Maker software will have reduced functionality or may not be supported by Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista or Internet Explorer 8 or 9. Moving forward, Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 will be required for Ancestry Web Search functionality to work properly. "
I believe this to be true. But let me see if I can break this down a little bit further.

  1.  Version 16 & Earlier — The Web Search features in V16 will no longer be supported after July 31.  The V16 & earlier software will continue to run, but the web search functionality will not work.
  2. Windows XP — Ancestry is making changes that require newer versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Because FTM uses an embedded IE browser, upgrading to a different browser will not help those customers.  Microsoft Internet Explorer on a Windows XP computer cannot be upgraded beyond IE 8, and Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows XP, so those computers will not be able to run this updated functionality.
  3. FTM 2008 – 2012 — These customers may also see the XP message even if they have upgraded their browsers.  Ancestry support can help them make a change to their registry that will get them past this message.

Like other recent announcements by, these also do not surprise me. I am totally aware of many users and their love for Version 16. I was there, but with FTM2014 I can't go back. Absolutely no reason for me to look back, was I think FTM2014 is the best version to date.

If I find additional information, I'll pass it along, but I think I have read the information correctly.

Come on up to FTM2014. Don't worry about the earlier versions, just come on up. 

One user's opinion.

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