Monday, September 22, 2014

FTM2014 - How to use a Research Log within the program - Update

Earlier today, I did a Video Blog post on Research Notes.

FTM2014 - How to use a Research Log within the program

After I posted it, I realized that I left something, very important out. How did I find or how did a search for that SSDI or 1920 Census Record. My class saw me do it live, but I didn't include the details in that earlier Blog post.

Here is the Research Log from that blog post.

I have the Date and the Source, where I would look at the Source Workspace for details. BUT, how did I get there?

I added that I had followed a Shaky Leaf that was attached to John Wheeling Jones. Now, John wasn't the Head of Household, so I moved to his father, Omar, who was the Head of Household. In that 1920 Census Report, it Claimed that his Mother was born in a State. So, only the Birth State was recorded.

I can go back to that Census Record to see what else was in the Record. Because I always move an "source" into an Evidence Explained Template, the Citation work is already done.

This is my bread crumb reminding me now I got there.
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