Thursday, January 22, 2015

FTM-3 - What's in a Name

When working with other uses of the Family Tree Maker program, it is Very Important to know the Version Number. In case of the Mac Version of Family Tree Maker, some times the "rules" for naming the software is driven by the platform.

The word “Mac” is no longer in the official name in order to comply with Apple’s guidelines.

So the official name for the current version for the Mac is “Family Tree Maker 3”.

It is ok to say Family Tree Maker 3 for Mac but the “for Mac” is not part of the name. Similarly Family Tree Maker 2014 is the Windows version even though “Windows” isn’t part of the name.

The first version for Mac was “Family Tree Maker for Mac”. The second was “Family Tree Maker for Mac 2”. And the third version was actually released as “Family Tree Maker Mac 3” but the name was changed when we put the product in the Mac App Store.

Some times you need a genealogy program to follow this stuff.

Just to further clarify the version name for the Windows version, there is no Version 14, The full correct name if Family Tree Maker 2014 or FTM2014. The previous version was FTM2012, before that FTM2011, etc. These are all the Windows Versions.

It was a little confusing years ago, when we had Version 8, Version 9, Version 10, Version 11, then it was changed to FTM2005, then FTM2006, and finally Version 16, You be able to see why the Full Version number is important.

I have tried to use the Version Number in my blog posts. BUT when you see FTM2014, with the exception of a few Apple standards, the screens and command are about the same. I do try to point them out when I have a chance. I have both FTM2014 and FTM-3.

One other minor point, is that each version AFTER FTM2008, has had Updates or patches. They way you. To check if your version is the Current Version, click on Help, then Check Updates

To see what Version you do have click on the About Family Tree Maker

As of today, 22 January 2015, the current version of FTM2014 is Version for the 64 bit PC and for a 32 bit PC.
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