Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Family Tree Maker 2014 SP6 Patch Notes - Patch #6, (build .404 or .1404)

A Patch was released for FTM2014 on 10 August 2015. It should be downloaded and installed. More information is here


If you need help with the update, here is a link for you;


There is ONE "update" that you need to be aware of. That is, when you use the Web Merge Feature, you MUST look very closely at ALL of the Facts that are being merged.

When merging, changed default to discard duplicate facts (even when different) rather than keep as duplicate alternate facts

In the past, when doing the Web Merge, and you had a Fact in your database and the same fact was included in the Web Merge, FTM2014 would usually select Alt Fact, meaning adding the New information for that Fact. We had the option to make the New Fact as Preferred, Alternate, or Discard the new Fact. The CHANGE is to make this "new" information as Discard. That may or may not be the choice you want to make.

I'll do another blog post about this, but I just want to make sure that you REVIEW the Web Merge SCREENs very carefully to make sure you Keep what you want to Keep.

For me, multiple / Alt Facts are a good thing, meaning you need to look at the information, evaluate what you have and make an informed Choice of the information in your database. Discard is not usually my choice.

The other "Enhanced Features" include;
  • Added ability to edit sources from media link
  • Improved display of fonts in high DPI settings
  • Improved automatic naming of restored files to exclude "autobackup" text.
Will have to look at that first one, to see what that really means. I don't use the "automatic back up" feature, so that won't impact me. The Automatic Back Up only backs up the DATA in your file and not the Images that may be linked. I ALWAYS Compact my file AND accept that Back Up option when presented. That back up is the same as a Manual Back Up, in that it includes the Media files.

Stability & Performance Improvements
  • TreeSync improvements- improved handling of media.
  • Multiple crash fixes.
  • New option for extended analysis during compact and added fixes for more potential errors
The 3rd improvement is not new, just more obvious when FTM2014 crashes. We have had the Deep Compact command for a number of versions, this just offers the user the ability to run a Deep Compact file after a crash. Remembering that the Compact File command is a great File Maintenance tool.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixes to sorting of facts in Smart Story creation
  • Removed TMG from list of supported file types to import (due to outdated implementation)
  • Improved handling of notes in GEDCOM import
  • Multiple fixes for errors with various reports
  • 30+ additional fixes for a variety of bugs

Will probably do a couple more blog posts in this update when I have a chance to check them out. I just wanted to get the word out about the Web Merge setting and to really watch the Web Merge Screens when you use that feature.

Copyright © 2015 by H R Worthington

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