Monday, December 21, 2015

Questions about Family Tree Maker

Dear Family Tree Maker Users,

I know there is a lot of conversation about the future of these two programs, Family Tree Maker 2014 (FTM2014) and Family Tree Maker for the Mac (FTM-3)

I  have mentioned on this blog that I am not planning on changing how I do my research, that is with FTM2014 (or FTM-3) and That does not mean I am not going to stop looking at alternative. Have been doing that since I started.

I have a Google+ Community where I share these Blog posts and have a way for you to specifically ask a question of the Community about these two programs. Yes, I receive a lot of questions and comments on the posts, which is awesome, but it is much easier to stay on the topic of the questions that are in the community.

So, here is a link to the +Cousin Russ  community:

Cousin Russ Genealogy Community

It is a Public Google+ Community, where only members of the community can post questions. You can view the community, just not asks questions or make comments on posts that are there.

At the top Left, there are community guidelines. This is a Community, where we SHARE our common interest, and that being Family Tree Maker and Genealogy in general.

You should first read the Pinned post, at the top of the community, here is the link

So, you wanna join this community ?

In the Community Guidelines is information on how to improve your Google+ Profile, which I look at before I accept a person requesting access to the community. It's not difficult, but I want to make sure we have a common interest.

So, IF you have a Question about Family Tree Maker (FTM2014 or FTM-3), please provide

What version of Family Tree Maker are you using AND what version of Windows?

What Workspace are your questions about.?

or a general question about the program. I also have used Family Tree Maker since Version 3.4 so I usually can answer questions about the much earlier versions of the programs.

I, and members of the community, will share our experience with the program in order to try to help you. The answer may be back here in the Blog, but I can help with that as well.

As you may have noticed in the blog, I have also provide some help with the transition from Family Tree Maker to other programs. Having said that, the programs that folks are moving to have great support websites and Facebook Groups. I do not plan on duplicating what they have to offer.

Oh, finally, I will NOT make any recommendations on other genealogy software. FTM2014 works best for me, I'll leave you to determine what works best for you.

Thanks for listening.

Copyright © 2015 by H R Worthington

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