Friday, December 9, 2016

Where to get help at

I thought I would type a blog post on where to get help on the Family Tree Maker website. Please note that if you go to you will be re-directed to which is a very good thing. Your old bookmarks for Family Tree Maker will get you to where you need to be. Here

I have hi-lighted a couple of links on the page to be sure you check. The Family Tree Maker link on the Left, the Support Link, upper right, and the LINKS just above Discover your family story.

I may post more about the FAQ page, but you WANT to be on their Mailing List. I have tried to cross post the Newsletter but I am unable to. So, sign up.

FeedBack and Report a Bug are the next two links followed by Suggest a Feature.

They also have a link, if you are interested it being a Beta Tester for the program. This is an important opportunity to help Software MacKiev give is a great program once the "next" update or version is made available.

Finally, the System Requirements page. Most computers today meet those requirements, but it's worth a minute to make sure you computer meets those requirements.

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