Thursday, March 30, 2017

Query Answer: Multiple Sources, Multiple Citations, Same Record

I have a User Requested Blog Post:
Handling (almost) identical citations when available from multiple sources. Example: a citation was created (using a template) from a source that was originally found only on FamilySearch. Now Ancestry has the same information available, even using an identical database title (and gives a "hint" to it.) How do you recommend handling the "source" which could be argued is identical, although the channel to get to the source, and therefore the citation, is different.
I submit that these are two different Sources. Ancestry and FamilySearch. That would required TWO Citations, in fact Two Source Groups.

I often will have a Hint from and it has a Film Number from FamilySearch. I will cite the Ancestry entry, then go over to FamilySearch, find that Film Number and entry and Cite that one as well. Somethings, when I have done this, I find that the Image my be clearer on one vs the other. I will KEEP both and Cite Both. Yes, it may be the same source material.

Find-A-Grave is another example of this. I will cite the Index from, but will go to the Find-A-Grave website, find that memorial. One source in the other the Find-A-Grave website. Two Source Groups. Two Citations.

I have 28 Blog posts on how I handle Find-A-Grave information

Hope that answers your question

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