Friday, April 7, 2017

Facebook Question: Not enough Information

Here is a question from Facebook:

How do you enter these facts so you know there is no more research to be done.
1. There is no spouse
2. There were no children
Looking for suggestions and/or standards.
Standards, no; suggestion, no, but will answer How I handle this;

I enter what I know from Documentation and Cite the Source of that information. I have a 0 Undocumented FACT policy for my file.

I'll answer #2 first, as it is the easiest. In a word Nothing. I don't guess if the had children or didn't have children. I have blog post that talks about No Children.

To answer #1, I have two answers

That question implies that the subject person was married. If I have a record that the person was married, just don't know the name, I will use my "unknown name" standard of 5 Underscores. If I find a record that infers that a female married and the record provides her married name, I would enter 5 Underscores plus her Married Name.

_____ _____ for the unknown name
 _____ MarriedName if that is what the record shows.

The marriage Fact needs to reflect something that reminds me that I don't have a record of the marriage.

People Workspace, Tree View, where you see relationships.

Here is an example of a Father who has children, but I don't know the Mother's name, no do I know IF there was a marriage

There is a 1 in the spouse ICON but there is no information in the "Spouse" field. I enter 5 underscores.

That is a visual to me, there I don't know the name. I see that in the Index on the Left of the Screen.

Now, I don't know if they married. I go to the People Workspace, Person View, and select the Relationship Tab, go down to that unknown spouse and on the right, select the pull down menu and select Unknown.

So the relationship is now correct.

The 5 underscores are my visual about the name, but I need to find the name, But what about "was there a marriage. My ToDo List is where I put that.

The Tasks Tab and clicking New on the Left (not shown) will open the Add Task for box, where I entered "Did William Andrews ever marry? then click Edit to put it into a Category. In this case, my Follow up Category.

The task list is always in the Plan Workspace and in the Task List for this person. Not seen on the left is that I already have 10 other Tasks for him. All in different Categories.

I hope that answers the questions from Facebook.
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