Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Reader Question: Other Information in Citation in an AMT

Blog Reader Ann asked the following question:
Russ, When you add a source on the Ancestry side of a tree there is a field titled 'other information'. Do you know where or if this information shows up in FTM on the desktop?
 Now, I don't work in my Ancestry Member Tree (AMT) so I had to try it out.

Went to my AMT, selected an Individual's profile and in the Sources Column (Center) I selected Add, and Add Source

Was offered this Screen

Where I filled out 1. Source with "Test New Source" after selected "or create a new source"  In 2. Citation, Detail required, I entered "Test New Source Citation", entered the date, entered "This is a test, Text Transcription", and added "Test Other Information" in the Other Information field.

Yes, I know, not very original.

I then went to look at what I had done. To my surprise, when I linked that citation to the sex Fact and selected it, my newly created Citation was NOT there.

So I clicked on Edit, in the Fact Name and there it was.

However, the Other Information Text is not present. Can't see it.

But, that wasn't the question. Where is the "other information" when I sync to my Desktop computer.

Not there either.

Oh, and I did this twice to make sure I didn't miss something.

Sounds like a question for Ancestry.

I tried.

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