Friday, November 10, 2017

Family Tree Maker - Technical Support - Live Chat

Never thought to blog about this, sorry to take so long.

If you have a problem with Family Tree Maker, the first place to visit is the Live Chat that Software MacKiev provides.

The Live Chat Hours are currently open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week.

It is not a telephone number, but is probably better than a telephone call, because you can set up a Transcript of the Live Chat "conversation".

This is the Live Chat screen, and in the lower right is a conversation I am having now. And the End of my Chat, I will receive that transcript with the steps I may need to do, following our conversatoin.

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  1. My sister has a Family Tree Maker Deluxe edition copyright 1994. She is in a nursing home and I have taken over her files. My question is can I buy a newer version that will open the FTM files. I will be using windows 10, her version of computer is unknown.

    1. Dear Unknown,

      Help, About will tell you the Version Number for Family Tree Maker.

      FTM2019 will import the Family Tree Maker files directly.

      You want to COPY FTM / FTM / FBC FILES from the other computer to yours. Then FTM2019 will Open them.

      You should Copy them to the Default Folder on your Windows 10 computer in My Documents / Family Tree Maker.

      Hope that helps,



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