Thursday, July 26, 2018

Managing the Data Error Report - Part 1

Will demonstrate how I now manage the Data Error Report, Part 1

I have figured out a way to Manage the Date Error Report. First, to identify the Potential Errors, Secondly, Give me the ability to SEE that the profile has an Error, Thirdly to Have a ToDo List to work from, by a specific Error Message Group.

I had not been dong a good job of managing these errors at all, until I used the Data Error Report when helping others. (read smaller FILES).

After spending a couple of days, I have 823 Tasks / ToDo Items to work from. 

Part 2 will be, so now what. I identified the Errors, found the reason for the Potential Error, Resolve that error in the database, the make sure the Potential Error has been resolved.

I will add a few people to this database, as see if There are NEW Errors. I will also then, clear some of the ones I have identified.

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