Thursday, May 6, 2021

Preparation for the 1950 US Census ==> Part 2 - Filters

Are you ready for the release of the 1950 US Federal Census ? Watch for this graphic, on this Blog, and DearMYRTLE's Blog and Facebook Groups as we will use this for the DearMYRTLE's CensusGenie branding.
This  blog will also carry this branding on the blog posts related to the CensusGenie project.

This is the second post in this series and will provide the steps in setting up the Filter so that I can review each of the Profiles, in this list. This should help me locate where I should be able to find them when the 1950 Census is released.

In our CensusGenie studies, I have learned the importance of knowing the Address for the profiles in my database. There are many records that have address information, and my review of these profiles will help me identify who I have Addresses for, and who I may not have addresses and that I may need to locate.

Future blog posts will demonstrate the Profile Reviews that I do, as well as information that I may need to locate.

I intend to provide links in the Blog to educational material that may be discussed in a Video.

How to set up the initial FILTER, Video Recording.


Filter (Initial)
  • Include all persons
  • Filter Out: Death is before 1949
  • Filter Out: Birth is after 1950
  • Filter Out: Residence does not exist
  • Filter Out: Address does not exist
  • Filter Out: Birth is after 1940 - Added

1 - Preparation for the 1940 US Federal Census on this blog already, can be found in the "Census1940" Label. The 1950 CensusGenie series will use the "Census1950" Label on the Left Column of this blog, or search for "1940census" or "1950census".

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