This page will be updated by the Categories / Tags that are on the individual postings. I have attempted to capture all of the Blog posts for FTM2014. Generally, they will be by Workspace, within the program. Selecting one of the links below, should give you a list of Blog Posts for that Workspace. There are more notes at the bottom of this page.

This page will be automatically updated as each Workspace articles are added to the Blog.


All Blog Posts for Family Tree Maker Version 2014

FTM2014 Features

Family Tree Maker 2014 - Program Updates

FTM2014 Update to (for 32 bit PC) and (for 64 bit PC)
If you have a problem with the Automatic Update, please use the above (update) link and scroll down to where it says "Manual Installation"

Below are the various Workspaces and blog posts that describe what is in that Workspace.

FTM2014 - Plan Workspace

FTM2014 - People Workspace 

FTM2014 - Places Workspace

FTM2014 - Media Workspace

FTM2014 - Sources Workspace
FTM2014 - Publish Workspace

FTM2014 - Web Search Workspace
Family Tree Maker Tool Bar
File Menu

Help Menu

Trouble Shooting Installation Issues

Some specific Blog Posts:

Open Existing FTM2012 with FTM2014
This set of instruction will continue to allow you to open that FTM2012 file in FTM2012.

Open an Existing FTM2014 file
A new way to select an existing FTM2014 file

Other Options to Open a File
This includes Starting with what you know and downloading an existing Ancestry Member Tree (AMT)


  • Please remember that you can Search the Blog for articles on your topic. Try to use one word as the keyword. Blog post's are listed with the most recent at the top or beginning of the list.
  • I am currently working blog posts by Workspace, focusing on new features that have not been available in the past, followed by changes or updates to existing features, then other blog posts as I see Questions or Issues that can be best explained in a Blog Post.
  • There are many features in FTM2014 that have been discussed in previous blog posts. Those are not on the top of my list of blog posts. If you are looking for something specific, check previous versions of Family Tree Maker, starting with FTM2012 and working back to FTM2008

Reminder: There are links to many Help and Training Resources in the Menu at the top of the blog.

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