Thursday, March 26, 2009

Unknown Spouse Created in Error

The purpose of this Blog entry is to show how to resolve an "Unknown Spouse" entry in Version 2009 ( caused be a data entry problem.

While working on the People, Family screen information was being added to a Child, as seen below

Figure 102

The child is hi-lighted above and note the Right Panel Marriage fact.

Figure 103

In the People, Person screen, there are No Shared Facts.

Figure 104

While entering Dates for this child, the Death Date was entered in the Marriage Date field.

Figure 105

This entry created a Shared Marriage Fact, with [unknown spouse] listed as the name with the Shared Marriage date of 1870.

Figure 106

The "unknown spouse" and date is in the Right Panel as well.

To resolve this, return to the People, Family Screen.

Figure 107

Click on the Add Spouse button, below the focus person and enter a Name. In this Example, "Unkown Spouse" was entered.

Going back to the People, Person screen:

Figure 108

This show the "Unknown Spouse" name as entered in Figure 107.

Just deleting the person will NOT remove the "shared fact". Return to the People, Family screen:

Figure 109

Delete the Marriage Date and answer OK to the Warning Message.

Locate the name used, in the Index (F2) or the Left Panel, in this case "Spouse, Unknown":

Figure 110

Right click on that name and select Delete Person.

Figure 111

Select Yes to the Delete Person Warning Message.

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Figure 112

Returning to the People, Person Screen the Shared Facts have been removed.

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