Monday, April 20, 2009

How to Enter an Intra Familial Marriage - Part 1

A listener of the Genealogy Gems Podcast, Episode 63, asked How to Enter a situation where Cousins Marry. A term that might describe this is "Intra Familial Marriage".

Here is the question:

MAILBOX: Listener Question regarding Family Tree Maker 2009 Platinum Edition.
"I have at least one instance in my husband's tree where two first cousins married. This, of course means that some of the tree overlaps itself. I can not get the FTM software to recognize that the people are the same…Do you or any of your listeners know if I am just missing something or can it not be done??”

This post will describe how to create this relations.

  1. Go to the People, Family View
  2. This list of of Individual in the first family
  • Father - Samuel Osbun
  • Mother - Sarah Holmes
  • Child - Nancy Osbun
  • Child - Isaac Osbun

Figure: 114

You can see the Relationships within the family above.

Nancy marries Fred Pittenger. One of the ways to do this is to click on the Add Spouse under Nancy's name. In this case, Double clicking on Nancy, in Figure 114, changed the view to Figure 115. A small window will open to enter the name.

Figure 115

Fred and Nancy had a Child, Nathaniel Pittenger. Clicking on Add Child, below the Parents will open a small window to Enter the name and select the sex of this new child.

Figure 116

Now, Isaac Oshun, the second child of Nathaniel Pittenger and Elizabeth Oshun married Eileen Gilbert. She was added by clicking on the Add Spouse to the Right of Isaac. Again the Name and sex small window will open where Eileen Gilbert is entered.

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