Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adding Search Engine

In an earlier Blog, I described how to Add another Search Engine from the Web Search Tab.

I have started to use another search engine on the LiveRoots.Com website. For me, it helps to search various Subscription based and Free based websites from one website.

In figure 142, below, I have two individuals with the same name and similar birth date.

Figure 142

The task is to determine if these are two individuals or one individual. In previous posts on this blog, it does appear that there were two Hiram Deats, in the same area of New Jersey, born about the same time. Not able to find any information on the normal search engine to determine the answer to this problem.

Using the Blog entry at the beginning of the Blog Entry, I added to my Personal Favorite Site list. Figure 143 is the result of adding that site to my Favorite list.

Figure 143

#1 shows the new Favorite. #2 gives the information of the Individual that I am searching for. Entered the Name in #3. Clicking on Search Button in LiveRoots.

Figure 144

The results shows a number of from a number of websites. There is an indication of where the "hit" was from and IF the website is a subscription based website or not. Again, the information in the Family File is still showing.

Following the links in the results, let to a free website at Find-A-Grave with a picture of a headstone. This page provided

Birth: unknown
Death: Nov. 22, 1887

Aged 77 years, 7 months and 10 days.

Now this really didn't answer the question BUT it did provided a Death Date and more detailed Birth Information that can be determined using the Date Calculator.

Another items to add to the ToDo list. Added the New Information there to follow up with.

Bottom line here, is that I don't have to move out of Family Tree Maker to do a broader search on the Internet.

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