Sunday, June 28, 2009

Library Visit - Family Tree Maker Version 2009

In an earlier Blog entry, Library Visit - Family Tree Maker Version 16 Custom Reports were generated to take to a library to do research, but the use of a computer was not available. This entry will review what can be done with Family Tree Maker Version 2009.

In the previous blog, this is what was stated:

I take with me three reports created by Family Tree Maker Version 16.
  1. Birth Report, for a specific Location, Sorted by Name
  2. Death Report, for a specific Location, Sorted by Name
  3. Marriage Report, for a specific Location, Sorted by Name
It may also be helpful, depending on how many people are in that Location, these same three reports sorted by Date.

These specific reports a different in Version 2009. However, the Custom Report format is different. And, instead of 3 or more reports, one can be generated.

To start, the Publish (1) Button is depressed and you will be taken to the Publish Work Space. The first screen is the Collection (of reports) screen. In this case, the Custom Report is a Person Report (2). There are 6 possible Person Reports, and Custom Report is selected and generated.

Figure 161

There is an "Items to Include" ICON, when the default or last report is displayed. Normal Name, Birth, Marriage, and Death Facts are there by default. Since this is the Same file that was used in Version 16, much of the information in this file, came from a Cemetery Visit. To Add the Burial FACT, the Plus Sign (2) is clicked on, and another pop-up window is opened where Burial is selected (3).

Figure 162

The Report name was changes to New Jersey (1). To limit the Individuals for this report to New Jersey, Select Individuals (2) is clicked. In the window that opens, Filter In (3) is clicked, which will bring up another window. There is a lot of flexibility, as with previous versions. In this case, we want Burial FACT as a Place, and enter "New Jersey, USA" as the location.

Figure 163

The report is then generated. This time, the report is 3 pages long listed by individual. One of the individuals in this report listed the Birth, Marriage, Death, Burial, and Residence locations. The Residence FACT was from a 1920 Census Record.

Figure 164

This three page report lists details of everyone buried in New Jersey.

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