Saturday, August 21, 2010

FTM 2010 - Plan Workspace - New Tree

This is the Family Tree Maker Plan Workspace
New Tree Tab

There are options as to how to start a new tree in the left part of this screen.

In the Right Hand Panel, at the top, is a list of files that has been opened in the past.

Below that is the Web Dashboard which will reflect any Online Subscription information and status. Below that is a list of any Member Family Trees that you may have, and below that is any Postings or status from For example, if there was a planned outage, that would be posted in the lower right panel.

One way to start a New Tree, is to Enter the information that you may have.

Enter What You Know

In the example below, only the Name is entered, as Source-Citation will be added for each FACT entered, including the name, but that will be in a different workspace.

The Project Name field would become the Filename, so enter the name of this Family File. The File Location is near the bottom of this screen. Where on your hard drive is this file located.

Other ways to start a new Tree or File will follow.

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