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What new features are available in Family Tree Maker 2011?

From the Family Tree Maker Knowledge Base Website:

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What new features are available in Family Tree Maker 2011?


Family Tree Maker 2011 includes more than 100 enhancements for discovering, preserving, and sharing your family story! Many of the new features are listed below, and a PDF of the new features can be found by clicking here.

Smart Stories

New Narrative Tool

Ready to start an ancestor’s story? The Smart Story Editor makes it easy by letting you drag-and-drop text and photos from your tree into a Smart Stories page. Stories update automatically when you change facts in your tree.


Fan Charts

Choose between five different shapes when creating a fan chart.

Photos & Embellishments

Enhance charts with the backgrounds, borders and embellishments that come with Family Tree Maker, and use photos wherever you like. Font size, type and color can be changed based on fact types.

Bow Tie Chart

Siblings can be included in the Bow Tie Chart.

Last Generation Shown Vertically

In descendant and hourglass charts, the last generation in the chart can be displayed vertically.

Pedigree Chart

The book layout for the pedigree chart has been adjusted to make better use of space.


Surname Report

The new Surname Report lists the surnames in your tree, including the total number of individuals with that surname, the number of males and females with that surname, etc.

New Descendant Report

Family Tree Maker now gives you four descendant report options: Register, NGSQ, Henry, and d’Aboville.

Custom Report

The custom report now has user-selected primary and secondary sorts. In addition, new options allow you to include age at death, number of children, age at first marriage, and more.

Kinship Report

You can now sort the Kinship Report by relationship (for example, first cousins can be grouped together).


You can create a simple bibliography of source titles or an annotated bibliography that includes summary information, such as repository and reference notes.

Report Headers & Footers

You can define the headers and footers for a report.

Save Report Settings

You can save the current report settings and use them as the preferred settings for that report.

Photo Albums

You can now create an album for a person, relationship, or both.


You can now choose to display death dates in the calendar.

Ancestry.com Integration

Expanded Web Dashboard

The expanded Web Dashboard now includes Member Connect activity, links to message boards, and notification of new
Ancestry messages.

Enhanced Performance

You can choose the type of Internet connection you’re using, which allows Family Tree Maker to tailor how it downloads information from the Web. Uploading and downloading speeds have been improved, and there is increased ability to upload large files to Ancestry.com.


Enhanced Index of Individuals

The Index now displays people based on name and then birth date.

Historical Timelines

Now you can edit, delete, and add to the historical events that come with Family Tree Maker. In addition, Family Tree Maker looks at facts entered for an individual and displays the most location-appropriate historical events.

Place Enhancements

You can now choose a “home” country, and Family Tree Maker will not display this country in fields, charts and reports. Support for townships, parishes, and counties has also been enhanced.

LDS Information

Family Tree Maker can now display information on initiatories and confirmations. These facts can also be included in charts.

Data Entry

Automatic Reference Numbers

Family Tree Maker can now assign reference numbers automatically to individuals, relationships, or both.

Duplicate Person Alert

When you enter new individuals, Family Tree Maker alerts you if it believes you may already have the individual in your tree.


Locate Missing Files

If you’ve moved your media items and Family Tree Maker has marked them as “missing,” the Find Missing Media tool can locate them all at once.


You can now assign categories to multiple items at one time.

Media Metadata Stored in Family Tree Maker

If your images contain metadata, the information will be stored -- and a caption, date, or description, will be automatically entered.

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