Thursday, January 12, 2012

Family Tree Maker for the Mac - FTMM-2 Update

An update for Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 is now available. This update resolves a number of reported issues from the community.
Fixes include:
•        Performance and stability improvements
•        Improvements to resolve sync errors
•        Improvements for handling downloaded media in synced trees
•        Syncing of accepted and rejected hints
•        Option to include/exclude Ancestry media in synced trees
This free update will be available the next time you open Family Tree Maker for Mac 2.


  1. As this has still not been released in the UK and its release keeps getting postponed with no explanation I am increasingly frustrated with the software!

  2. The update causes FTMM2 to crash upon opening after installation. I've tried installing it twice with the same results. {Mac OSX 10.7.2}. Anyone else having this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. dfox,

    This is a Blog and not a good place for trouble shooting. Have you been to the Ancestry Message Board for FTMM? You can get there from the Help Menu.



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