Monday, January 2, 2012

FTM2012 - Sources with Citations but without Links

Another common thing, at least in my file, is to have Sources with Citations, but no links between the Citation and any Fact. Also, People without Citations.

In an earlier post, I used the UnDocumented Fact Report.

Another way of locating people without Citations is to use the Source Group, Listed by Person menu.

Again, No ICON is an indication that this person has NO Citation. This is just on  the Name Fact, not like the Undocumented Fact Report. But for clean up, this might be a better way to start. Select a letter of the alphabet, and work through the list. You could review ALL of the Facts for the people without a Citation on the Name.

If you scroll down, to the very bottom of this list, will be an Unlinked listing. This is a listing of Citations what there is nothing linked to it.

Each of those Citations on the Right have not links to any Facts.

Normally, that Links tab would show the name and fact that is LINKED to that citation.

As with any clean up, especially this last one, it's a good practice to Back Up the file BEFORE you start deleting anything. In a number of the cases that I have already cleaned up, the Citation was valid, I just needed to Link it up to the appropriate Fact.

Lesson Learned: Review the Unlinked Citations from time to time. Back Up your file BEFORE Deleting these Citations.

Copyright © 2011 by H R Worthington


  1. Do these helpful hints that you are writing about work on FTM 2011 as well?

    Thanks for sharing this knowledge - they are things that I had not thought about before, and will definitely be using to clean up my tree

    Regards from Linda

  2. Linda,

    Yes, for the most part. The only real difference is in the TreeSync™ feature.

    If you look at the top of the page, you will see specific article for FTM2011. There may be some specific features in FTM2012 that were NOT in FTM2011.

    You can always ask, and I can be more specific.



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