Wednesday, December 5, 2012

GenDetective and Family Tree Maker - Options

After posting GenDetective and Family Tree Maker yesterday, I looked a little closer at what GenDetective™ has for options for dealing with Facts in Family Tree Maker, and Facts/Events in GenDetective. I don't normally run into Immigration Records, so my manually changing Arrival to Immigration Facts was not a big chore to clean up. I am sure that other users of Family Tree Maker have custom Facts that might be useful in how they are handled in GenDetective.

So, rather than changing the Family Tree Maker fact, which means adding an Immigration Fact, Copying an Existing Citation from Arrival, Linking that Existing Citation to the New Immigration Fact, and Deleting the Arrival Fact, GenDetective has another way, and so much easier, to handle it.

It's also important to pay attention to the steps as the GEDCOM file is being imported into GenDetective. There are very helpful videos on the GenDetective website for details.

For Example:

Should here be an Media File associated with the Burial Fact. Its a matter of changing the answer to the question: Is a media file required?

Another example is for an Obituary. I haven't used an Obituary Fact, up until now, in Family Tree Maker. BUT there is a question there "I use a specific event to track and record Obituaries?" So, if I had another Event that was equal to an Obituary Fact, I would specify what Fact that was.

In my case, I hadn't identified that Arrival / Immigration issue until after I was into the report generator of GenDetective, there is another way to let GenDetective know that Arrival is the same as Immigration.

Once the file has been initially imported into GenDetective, in the Analyzer application, after clicking on Exit Analyzer Wizard, you are taken to the next screen, where I selected Event Definitions.

Since a Fact in Family Tree Maker is the same as an Event in GenDetective, I selected Arrival, and in the pull down menu on the Right, I selected Immigration.

Now, when I go to the Research Progress report in GenDetective, I can clearly see that I have or don't have a record of immigration.

So, if you have a lot of Arrival Facts, and want to have them show up as Immigration in GenDetective, the option is there to be used.

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